R0830MX0500MX: 830nm Narrow Linewidth Laser Module

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R0830MX0500MX– 830nm Multimode Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diode

The R0830MX0500MX is an 830 nm multimode wavelength stabilized diode laser from Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS).   This turn key package utilizes a proprietary hybrid external-cavity laser design based on Volume Bragg Grating (VGB) technology, to ensure a stabilized laser spectrum, which is reasonably insensitive to back reflecting.  This laser package is capable of linewidths less than, < 0.15 nm, at an output power up to 500 mW with power fluctuations of less than 1%.   The R0830MX0500MX also provides excellent side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) typically between 35-40 dB, and a temperature stabilized spectrum with less than 0.007nm/oC wavelength drift.  All multimode wavelength stabilized diode laser’s from IPS maintain their spectral properties regardless of drive current, allowing them to be power controlled from threshold to maximum power.  A built-in photodiode is also provided for real-time feedback of laser power.

All of these features make the R0830MX0500MX the ideal source for applications like Raman spectroscopy.

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