Pulsed Laser Diode Driver, 120 A, 18 V, <20 µs to 300 µs, 1 Hz

Key Features:

  • Output Current up to 120 amps
  • Up to 300 μs pulse width
  • Rise-time of <10 μs
  • 1 PPS
  • Current monitor output 1 volt/100 amps
  • Optimized for driving a nine bar stack of diodes
  • Only 24 grams


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PLDD-120-9-1 Linear Mode Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers

The PLDD-120-9-1 is an ultra-miniature, battery operated, pulsed laser diode driver for driving a nine bar laser diode stack to 120 amps of peak current. Due to the compact size and weight (only 24 grams check current weight), this mini laser driver unit is well suited for man-portable and airborne applications.


Current (A)




Pulse width



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