MicroMake 532nm Micromachining Laser System

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Overview of MicroMake 532nm: Micromachining System

MicroMake 532 from Bright System is an integrated and compact laser micromachining system for high precision and resolution applications.

The system includes all the needed devices for direct laser micro-processing in a single monolithic element. Live microscope imaging of the sample is offered during all process phases for alignment and immediate quality check.

MicroMake Features:

  • Ablation and cutting of programmable arbitrary shapes
  • Live imaging of the processed samples
  • Suitable for a vast range of materials
  • 1 mm standard processing area
  • Optional XYZ translation stage
  • Embedded illumination unit
  • 532/266 nm ns and ps lasers
  • Down to 2 μm spot size

MicroMake Options:

  • High resolution version (HR)
  • Circular polarization on the workpiece
  • High speed/high resolution USB camera
  • Z manual or motorized stage – 50 mm Z travel
  • XY manual or motorized stage – 150 mm XY travel
  • OEM version: single unit with integrated low-voltage PSU
  • Table-Top version: external mount and stages with external AC PSU

All these features are perfectly suited for a large variety of materials often used in the fields of microelectronic circuits,  display fabrication and correction, biomedical device machining, and optical substrates microprocessing.


  • 3D direct microstructuring
  • Precision surface texturing
  • Track interruption on PCBs
  • Micro-coding, Anti-counterfeiting
  • Thin film removal on hard substrates
  • Selective metal removal on ceramic substrates
  • Microcorrection on wafers, masks and displays
  • Microdrilling on metal alloys and transparent dielectrics