Micro 5.6: 5.6mm TO Can Laser Diode Mount

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The Micro 5.6 was design to provide an inexpensive solution for holding and mounting 5.6mm TO-can laser diodes.

The Micro mounts are not intended to provide heat sinking (although they will draw a small amount of heat away), but rather a solution for post mounting a TO-can on an optical table or other test setup.

The 1224 series of cables work with the Micro mounts to provide the electrical connections to the laser. The cables feature the standard DB-9 connection to the laser driver for easy connection to any LaserSource laser driver. The Micro 5.6, coupled with the appropriate 1224 cable provides a quick and inexpensive solution to your TO-can control. The third thumbnail to the left shows the laser diode holder mount with post (not provided), and cable (optional).