LGK-7872-ML – 454.5-514.5nm Multi-Wavelength Ultra-Reliable Argon-Ion Laser Module

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LGK-7872-ML – 454.5-514.5nm Multi-Wavelength Ultra-Reliable Argon-Ion Laser Module

The LASOS® LGK-7872-ML Multi-Wavelength, multi-line Argon-Ion laser module is designed with excellent beam quality, beam pointing stability and long-term stability, and low-noise operation. All Argon-Ion laser tubes have an internal mirror, with vacuum-tight, hard-sealed, integrated resonator construction, optimizing the lifetime and power stability. The laser mirrors are adjusted and fixed by special, proprietary technology, providing maintenance-free operation and no need for readjustment in the field. This 454.5-514.5nm multi-wavelength, multi-line laser module has a nominal CW output power of 40mW and a beam diameter of 0.66mm. This laser module is compact (333.5x150x171mm), economical, and is available with several cooling options. All laser models can be provided with OEM power supplies, designed to meet the European and American standards, with the availability of approvals and certificates, including CDRH, IEC, CSA, CE, TÜV, and UL. The Argon-Ion lasers from LASOS are designed for multiple applications such as confocal fluorescence microscopy, DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, analytical chemistry, fast-flow-rate particle measurements, digital imaging, medical, basic research, and entertainment. Customized solutions for specific applications, as well as a fiber coupling option, are also available.

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