Laser Beam Profiler

1 or 5 MP Laser Beam Profiler – Option for Mobile Version & AI Powered Cloud Analytics, Diagnostics, and Storage

Key Features:

  • Pixel Class – 1.3 MP or 5 MP
  • Resolution – 1.31 Mpix or 5.04 Mpix
  • Resolution (h x v) – 1280 x 1024 px or 2592 x 1944 px
  • Pixel Size – 5.2 µm or 2.2 µm
  • USB 2.0 mini-B or USB-C 3.1
  • Precise Measurement
  • Dual Mode
  • Standardized Beam Parameters
  • 2D & 3D View
  • Beam Position Stability
  • DNC Technology
  • Hardware Triggering
  • Reporting Tools
  • Long-Term Monitoring
  • Optional AI assisted cloud-based analysis
  • Mobile tablet version

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Compact laser beam profiler hardware and software screen example Huaris One

Laser Beam Profiler – 1.3 MP, 1.31 Mpix, 1280 x 1024 px, 5.2 µm pixel, USB 2.0 mini-B

2-4 weeks

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R3Z3-Image-huaris-one-mobi-przenosny-profilometr-wiazki-laserowej-aplikacja-monitoring-730-01c Huaris One Mobi

Laser Beam Profiler + Tablet – 1.3 MP, 1.31 Mpix, 1280 x 1024 px, 5.2 µm pixel, USB 2.0 mini-B

2-4 weeks

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R3Z3-Image-huaris-five-portable-laser-beam-profiler-software-730-01b Huaris Five

Laser Beam Profiler – 5 MP, 5.04 Mpix, 2592 x 1944 px, 2.2 µm pixel, USB-C 3.1

2-4 weeks

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image of o compact laser profiler hardware and a compact tablet device with software displayed Huaris Five Mobi

Laser Beam Profiler + Tablet – 5 MP, 5.04 Mpix, 2592 x 1944 px, 2.2 µm pixel, USB-C 3.1

2-4 weeks

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image showing an example of beam profiler data on the cloud, with a client asking a question and the Huaris support team responding with help AI-Powered Huaris Cloud

AI-Powered, Cloud-Based Analytics, Diagnostics, and Storage

In Stock

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The Huaris series of durable laser beam profilers are designed to offer reliable, efficient measurements for laser beam width in scientific and industrial environments. The Huaris One is economical, allowing you to measure all essential parameters, generate easy-to-read reports, and avoid information overload. The Huaris Five provides a larger matrix, smaller pixel size, higher resolution, and other advanced features. The Mobi space-saving versions come with a tablet, pre-installed with software, perfect for everyday mobile use. Optional AI assisted cloud-based analytics and predictive maintenance available for all versions.


  • Laser Measurement Capabilities
    • Precise measurement, confirmed by external validation tests, ensures you get accurate, useful data to make informed decisions
    • Standardized beam parameters – ISO 11146 standard: Gaussian (FWHM, 1/e, 1/e2, 4σ), Lorentz beams, and statistical moments
    • Spectral sensitivity to measure all standard beam width parameters and additional functionalities that facilitate work
    • Stability of the position of beam, measurement of the center of laser beam intensity distribution in Cartesian and polar coordinates
    • DNC technology – dynamic noise correction to maximize measurement accuracy w/ automatic noise correction after manual calibration
    • Hardware triggering to synchronize the laser pulse to the profiler measurement for precise and versatile pulsed laser measurements
    • Dual mode operation, including automatic, rapid measurement w/ optimal settings and manual mode to fine-tune exposure parameters
  • Data Visualization and Reporting
    • 2D and 3D view of the beam distribution in real-time: linear cross-sections, interactive 3D view – get the views YOU need
    • Reporting tools – automatic generation of measurement reports in PDF – save video/photos of beam views in popular file formats
  • Convenience, Usability, and Longevity
    • Optional AI-assisted cloud-based analytics and predictive maintenance allows you peace of mind, knowing that your process is monitored in real-time, helping to reduce rejected product and unexpected system downtime
    • Mobile tablet version provides convenience and portability for on-the-go use, allowing you to access critical data any time, anywhere
    • Solid and durable design ensures longevity and reduces the likelihood of damage, saving time and money over the long-term
    • Ergonomic hardware and software design enhances usability and reduces user fatigue
    • Interchangeable optomechanical components offers versatility and customization options, adapting to your various specific needs
    • Competitive price point – stay within your budget + long-term cost savings by reducing overall downtime and maintenance costs

HUARIS One – Laser Beam Profiler with a 1 MP Array

This laser profiler is simple and easy to use but, above all, durable and solid. It allows you to measure the most critical parameters of the laser beam width in scientific and industrial environments at a competitive price point. This profiler is a great solution where the user interface is not overloaded with too much information presented. What’s more? The measurement report is very easy to generate. HUARIS has many features designed to speed up and simplify the measurement process with hardware and software optimization for work ergonomics.

Our laser profiler has been designed and manufactured using sensors made by the world’s most prominent leaders specializing in the production of CMOS photosensitive matrices. The mechanical design is fully compliant with industry standards, adding to its ease of use and allowing for the addition of interchangeable optomechanical components from various suppliers. External, top experts in the development of laser systems performed specialized validation tests. HUARIS One is a device of the highest world quality!

HUARIS Five – Laser Beam Profiler with a 5 MP Array

The Huaris Five offers all the same great features and benefits of the Huaris One, but with even more advanced features and higher resolution! Compared to the Huaris One, the Huaris Five offers a larger matrix, higher resolution and a much smaller single-pixel size (2.2 µm vs 5.2 µm). In addition, it uses a USB Type-C, Standard 3.1 interface. The Huaris Five is a device that will satisfy even the most sophisticated needs!

image of o compact laser profiler hardware and a compact tablet device with software displayedHUARIS One/Five Mobi – Mobile Laser Beam Profiler

We offer you the first mobile laser beam profilers – Huaris One Mobi and Huaris Five Mobi, ideal for convenient laser beam monitoring in everyday use! These are the first compact, portable laser beam profilers, paired with a 7″ tablet, rather than a traditional computer. This mobile version is a response to the lack of space in laser laboratories, allowing you to effectively perform all diagnostic functions while saving invaluable real estate in the lab.

These profilers are ready to work out of the box, with everything you need to effectively perform diagnostic functions, including pre-loaded software on your portable tablet. Beam profiling has never been so lightweight, easy, and convenient!

image of an artificial intelligence face made of technologyDiagnostics of the Quality of Laser Beams – Supported by Artificial Intelligence

The Huaris Series of beam profilers provides innovative products in the category of metrology systems for laser beam diagnostics. The stimulus for creating a new laser beam profilometer was that uncomplicated, durable, versatile, and handy devices are needed in everyday laboratory practice and out in the field when technicians are servicing various laser systems. To maximize work ergonomics, we have developed many advanced algorithms that have been implemented in the software supplied with the device, and we have gotten rid of the computer necessary so far in laser beam characterization measurements.

HUARIS AI Cloud is Predictive Maintenance for Laser Systems

HUARIS AI is a comprehensive metrology system that allows remote and fully automatic diagnostics of your laser systems. Our system is the first universal and automated solution on the market that provides integration with a vast majority of lasers to predict their failures and thus increase their availability.

Your Laser Beam Profiler Available in the Cloud

The product’s infrastructure has been designed to be highly scalable, available 24/7, and implements solutions for processing large quantities of data. Artificial intelligence algorithms perform real-time beam assessment and deliver suggestions to the user about the need and potential scope of preventive maintenance work to be done.

HUARIS Cloud – Remote Laser Beam Monitoring

Our cloud system works in any web browser and works with a local application. This system makes it possible to automatically detect artifacts related to the quality of the beam, which is carried out by artificial intelligence algorithms.infographic showing the circle process of the client, perspectiva solutions, the cloud, artificial intelligence, and predictive maintenance

  • AI-driven automatic detection of artifacts related to beam quality
  • AI-driven automatic detection of long-term trends in laser beam parameters
  • Suggestions for preventive maintenance actions
  • Long-term monitoring of laser beam parameters
  • Remote monitoring of laser beam parameters
  • Remote support by experienced engineers
  • Automatic alarms via e-mail, SMS, and messages in the web application
  • External trigger for the laser beam profiler
  • Centralized source of technical information
  • For laser owners and maintenance staff
  • Potential for large-scale implementation – scalable for large enterprises

image showing an example of beam profiler data on the cloud, with a client asking a question and the Huaris support team responding with help




The cloud-based service works with ALL of our beam profiler products:

Huaris One  |  Huaris One Mobi  |  Huaris Five  |  Huaris Five Mobi

Cloud access is offered in a subscription model with a 3-month free trial period!


HUARIS is a Preventive Maintenance System for Lasers

A common problem in the laser industry is system downtime.

Laser failure, leading to long downtime on the production floor, means huge costs associated with the disturbance of production continuity while product sits, waiting to be machined. Furthermore, once a failure occurs, the likelihood of even further costs increases due to potential damage to other components of the system or rejected product.           How to prevent it?     ——>

You can apply a preventive maintenance system for lasers.

Additionally, the system allows remote monitoring of the lasers. Huaris monitors the laser beam in real-time. It takes only milliseconds to diagnose the laser. All that is done remotely and fully automatically. Any number of lasers can be monitored simultaneously at any location worldwide. Now, lasers can get online, real-time monitoring at mass scale!

Long-Term Monitoring of the Laser Beam Effectively Predicts Laser Failure

examples of GUI, messages, graphs, etc. related to the cloud-based remote monitoring of laser performance parameters
The Huaris system has become a finalist in the Innovation Award at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich 2022

Huaris AI Cloud System Features

Suggestions for Preventive Maintenance Actions

Artificial intelligence recognizes the type of laser misbehavior and provides you with suggestions for the source of the issue and suggested preventive maintenance actions.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Using machining learning allows automatic detection of laser malfunctions. With our smart, automatic algorithms, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 10,000 lasers to manage.

Automatic Alarms

Alarm notifications and preventive maintenance action suggestions are sent to you via web application, e-mail, or SMS message – get status updates when and where you want them.

Remote Beam Monitoring

With laser manufacturers shipping laser solutions to clients worldwide, the ability to remotely monitor laser performance is critical to increase profitability and decrease downtime.

Centralized Source of Technical Information

All technical information is centralized in one place: a forum within our web-based application, making access to critical performance data more convenient than ever before.

Long-Term Monitoring of Laser Beam Parameters

The parameters of the laser beam are now checked occasionally. The Huaris system can monitor your laser over a long period of time, analyze trends, and predict failures.


Huaris Laser Beam Profiler Features

Precise Measurement

The primary purpose of the metrological devices we offer is to obtain the most accurate measurement. That is why the solutions we developed have been additionally checked in comparative tests by external international research and development centers. The result of the validation tests is obtaining confirmation of the highest level of accuracy of the laser beam measurements.

Dual Mode

Our laser profilometers can operate in two modes: automatic and manual. The automatic mode has been designed to obtain optimal settings of the device’s operating parameters as soon as possible at the beginning of the measurement and for automatic operation in the long term. In turn, the manual mode allows you to fine-tune the exposure parameters.

Standardized Beam Parameters

The beam width measurement results provide parameters that are in accordance with the ISO 11146 standard. For the Gaussian beam, these are: FWHM, 1/e2, 1/e, and 4σ for the horizontal and vertical directions. What’s more? The measurement of elliptical beams is also standardized. In addition, it is possible to measure the Lorentz beam and statistical moments.

2D & 3D View

With the Huaris software supplied with the profiler, you can view the beam distribution in real-time in 2D and interactive 3D. In addition, it is also possible to observe linear cross-sections. A color palette can be applied to highlight the delicate features of the beam. You can also freely change the viewing angle – enlarge or reduce the view. Cursors (vertical, horizontal, and freehand) are special tools dedicated to manually measuring specific features of the laser beam.

Stability Laser Beam Position

Measuring the stability laser beam’s position in space is a critical operation that allows you to estimate the possible precision of the processes in which the laser beam is used. This measurement also allows you to assess the quality of the laser work. This measurement is performed by monitoring the location of the center of the laser beam intensity distribution in the Cartesian and polar coordinate systems. Location coordinate statistics are also calculated.

DNC Technology

Unique dynamic noise correction technology maximizes the measurement accuracy in our device, using methods and algorithms that correct the noise in real-time. Manual calibration is carried out only the first time after installing the profilometer software. All noise corrections are automatically carried out in the next step and in a way that does not burden the user. Working with DNC technology is not only comfortable but also ergonomic.

Hardware Triggering

To synchronize the measurement with an external trigger signal, our profilers are equipped with a hardware input that allows the profiler to be synchronized with the moment of laser pulse emission for accurate and versatile pulsed laser measurements.

Reporting Tools

The profiler we offer enables the automatic generation of measurement reports as a pdf file. But that’s not all – you can also save a video or photos showing the cross-section of the beam and save 2D and 3D views in graphic files in BMP, JPG, or PNG format.

Long-Term Monitoring

HUARIS AI Cloud is a comprehensive metrology system that allows remote and fully automatic diagnostics of your laser systems. Our system is the first universal and automated solution on the market that allows integration with a vast majority of lasers to predict their failures and thus increase their availability.

Spectral Sensitivity

Our laser profiler is aimed at a wide audience for the widest possible spectrum of applications. The profilometer enables the measurement of all standard beam width parameters that are known to the scientific community and industry. We also offer a number of additional functionalities that facilitate work.

graph showing the spectral sensitivity (quantum efficiency) in % of the laser beam profiler over various wavelengths

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