K450FTRFN-20.00W: 20W Blue Fiber Coupled Laser Diode

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The K450FTRFN-20.00W is a Blue Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode featuring 20W of output power from a 200um fiber.  This high power water-cooled 450nm laser diode ideal for applications in material processing.

BWT Beijing’s High Power Diode Laser Modules are manufactured by adopting specialized fiber-coupling techniques, resulting in volume products with high efficiency, stability, and superior beam quality. Our products are achieved by transforming the asymmetric radiation from the laser diode chip into an output fiber with a small core diameter by using special micro-optics. Inspection and burn-in procedures at each step in the process result in a high-quality product with the reliability, stability and long lifetimes needed by our customers.

Our research staff is constantly improving and innovating the technology in the production process, based on the professional knowledge and experience accumulated over many years. We are also continuously developing new products to meet our customers’ specific needs. At BWT Beijing, providing high-quality products at a reasonable price is our always goal. The K450FTRFN-20.00W is an example of developing a specific product for our customer’s needs.

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