K445S: 445nm Fiber Coupled Laser Diode

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Overview of K445S: 445nm Fiber-Coupled Multi-Mode Laser Diode

The K445S is a high-power, multi-mode OEM laser diode.  This fiber-coupled, 445nm diode laser from BWT offers <3W of continuous wave (CW) output from a 105-micron core diameter pigtailed fiber optic cable, terminated with a SMA905 connector.  All of the diode lasers manufactured by BWT utilize proprietary fiber-coupling techniques, resulting in volume products with high efficiency, stability, and superior beam quality. The K445S achieves this by transforming the asymmetric radiation from the laser diode chip into an output fiber with a small core diameter by using special micro-optics, resulting in exceptional brightness.  Additionally, all BWT laser diodes go through extensive inspection and burn-in procedures at each step of the production process, guarantying reliability, stability, and lifetime.


Popular Configurations:

  • K445F03FN-3.000W: Pigtailed Fiber Coupled Laser Diode, 450+/-10nm, 3W, Coaxial Package w/ Thermistor, PD, 1m long 105um, 0.22NA fiber with FC connector
  • K445FFBFN-0.800W: Pigtailed Fiber Coupled Laser Diode, 445+/-20nm, 0.8W, 14-Pin Package w/ Thermistor, PD, 2m long 105um, 0.22NA fiber with FC connector


K445S Key Features:

  • <3W CW output power
  • 445nm
  • 105µm core diameter fiber
  • 0.22 Numerical Aperture
  • Highly efficient
  • Highly stable
  • Superior beam quality
  • Long diode lifetime


K445S Applications:

  • Machine Vision
  • Optogenetics
  • Photoluminescence
  • Dental
  • Photodynamic Therapy


Overview of DS3-51522: Turn-Key Laser Diode System

RPMC provides a complete, turn-key laser diode system option for the K Series, suitable for material processing, medical therapeutics and pumping solid-state laser media. Delivering up to 200W of diode laser into a 100~400um core fiber, the system makes it easy to develop new applications. The Turn-Key Laser Diode System is available in the following wavelengths: 450nm, 635mn, 660nm, 680nm, 690nm, 793nm, 808nm, 830nm, 9xxnm, 1470nm, 1550nm. Other wavelengths are available upon request. With control over the operating temperature of the diode laser, as well as current and pulse width, the system offers flexibility and an easy to use interface. The system can be controlled either by the front panel user interface or by a computer-controlled RS-232 interface.

DS3-51522: Turn-Key Laser Diode System Features:DS3: Fiber-Coupled Turn-Key Direct Diode Laser System

  • Up to 200W output power
  • Select from 11 standard wavelengths
  • Other wavelengths available upon request
  • Air cooling
  • Fiber delivery
  • Temperature control
  • Red aiming beam (optional)