JOLD-30-CPXF-1L 808: 808nm Fiber Coupled Laser Diode





Wavelength (nm)

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JOLD-30-CPXF-1L – Passively Cooled 808nm Fiber Coupled Laser Diode with integrated TEC.

The Jenoptik fiber-coupled diode laser modules can be used to produce an optical output power of 4 W to 400 W in cw mode and 120 W in qcw mode. They are also available in free space format. Depending on their power, these modules are cooled using water, TEC or air.

Because of their reliability and efficiency, our modules are successfully used as beam sources in areas such as solid-state laser pumps, material processing and medicine. They have a robust and compact design and have proven their worth in daily use.

We offer standard wavelengths of 808 nm, 940 nm, and 980 nm. The fiber core diameter of our diode lasers is 200µm, 400µm or 600µm. On request, we will be happy to adapt the parameters to your individual requirements. You can also choose between pilot lasers, monitor diodes and integrated Peltier elements.

JOLD-30-CPXF-1L Features

  • High optical output power of 30 W cw
  • Wavelengths: 806.5 nm, 808nm
  • Fiber core diameter: 400 ¼m (NA 0.22)
  • Integrated power monitor
  • Lifetime > 10,000 h, high reliability


  • Pumping of solid-state lasers and fiber lasers
  • Material processing
  • Medical applications