EP1570-DM-DX1 – Turnkey DM Laser Diode System for Gas Sensing

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EP1570-DM-DX1– Turnkey DM Laser Diode System for Gas Sensing

The EP1570-DM-DX1 is a tunable single-frequency diode laser for gas sensing from Eblana Photonics.   This laser which is available as a fully turnkey laser system, with a compact form factor (72.5 mm x 50 mm x 28 mm), utilized Eblana’s proprietary discrete-mode (DM) technology to produces a tunable single-frequency laser with excellent side mode suppression ratio (SMSR), without the mode hops inherent to most distributed feedback (DFB) lasers.  The EP1570-DM-DX1 is available in the 1845 nm to 1920 nm range has a center wavelength of, which can be tuned at a rate of 0.14 nm/oC while maintaining a maximum linewidth of 2MHz making it ideal for Water Vapor (H2O) detection.  Also, the EP1570-DM-DX1 has a variable modulation of up to 100kHz and a maximum output power of 14mW.

High performance and easy step-up requiring only a 5V external power supply make the EP1570-DM-DX1 laser a robust tool for gas sensing application, in an industrial, laboratory, or field setting.

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