C-Wedge HB 3um

DPSS Laser, ns Pulsed, 3000 nm, up to 50 uJ, 1 kHz single shot, <3 ns

Key Features:

  • Pulse energy > 50µJ
  • Short pulse duration
  • Q-Switching up to 1kHz
  • All solid state design
  • Air cooled


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C-Wedge HB 3um

DPSS Laser, ns Pulsed, 3000 nm, up to 50 uJ, 1 kHz single shot, <3 ns

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The Wedge series of DPSS lasers is designed for OEM applications such as micromachining, LIDAR, LIBS, and more. Based on proprietary fast Q-switching technology, this series is compact, sealed, and monolithic, making them insensitive to vibrations & harsh environments. High peak powers, relatively low energy and low heat generation allow efficient ablation and non-linear interaction. Available from 266-3106nm, up to 4 mJ pulse energy @ 1064, the compact and lightweight package benefits LIDAR and aerospace applications, while short pulses provide exact time-of-flight measurements.


  • High peak powers: Easily remove material from hard and soft materials, allowing for efficient ablation.
  • Relatively low energy and heat generation: Helps prevent damage to the surrounding material.
  • Compact and lightweight: Makes the laser ideal for LIDAR and aerospace applications where space is limited.
  • Short pulses: Allow for precise time-of-flight measurements, which is critical for accurate distance and speed measurements.
  • Beam Expanding and collimation optics: Help shape and direct the laser beam, ensuring maximum energy is delivered to the target.
  • External beam separator with independent mechanical shutters: Allows for easy separation of the laser beam and the reflected beam, while shutters allow for independent beam control and help prevent damage to the laser and ensure the safety of the user.
  • Red aiming beam: Helps guide the user and ensure proper alignment of the laser.
  • Circular Polarization: Helps prevent interference from external light sources, ensuring accurate measurements and optimal performance.
  • Monitoring Photodiode: Allows for real-time monitoring of laser performance, helping ensure optimal performance and preventing damage to the laser.
  • AC-DC Power Supply: Allows for easy and flexible power input, making the laser ideal for a variety of applications.
  • Monolithic Design: Helps ensure the laser is robust and resistant to harsh environments and vibrations.
  • Air-Cooling: Helps dissipate the low waste heat generated by the laser, ensuring optimal performance, and preventing damage, with a smaller footprint and less maintenance.

The compact and lightweight package, short pulses, monolithic design, and proprietary fast Q-switching technology make them insensitive to vibrations and harsh environments, ideal for aerospace applications. With a range of models and options, including wavelengths from 266nm up to 3100nm, the Wedge series provides precise and versatile operation with easy integration.

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Options Available

  • 3000 – 3300nm
  • Beam expanding and collimating optics
  • Fiber Coupling
  • Water Cooling
  • AC DC Power Supply
  • 8V DC Input
  • Circular polarization
  • Monitoring photodiode
  • Red aiming beam
  • Remote control box and software interface

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