ALCOR: 1W/2W - 920nm Ultra-Compact Femtosecond Laser

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Overview of ALCOR 1W/2W – 920nm Ultra-compact Femtosecond Laser

The ALCOR femtosecond laser series, available up to 4W, features the most output power commercially available today at 920nm.   Available at both 920nm and 1064nm with a <140fs pulse at 80MHz (others optional), the ALCOR is specifically designed for biophotonics applications such as multiphoton microscopy.  With up to 50 nJ of pulse energy and >350 kW of peak power, the ALCOR enables higher brilliance and contrast in two-photon imaging of green fluorophores (GFP) and calcium indicators such as GCaMP.  In addition, the ALCOR can be equipped with the XSight (AOM) module for precise and fast power control, as well as the FlexSight fiber coupled output module.

The combination of ultra short pulse duration, high repetition rates and high average powers offers many benefits to researchers and OEM microscopy instrumentation manufacturers in the lifesciences and biophotonics fields.  In addition, the fiber-based design ensures reliable and robust 24/7 operation, while the ultra-compact, air-cooled user-friendly package eases integration and reduces facility requirements.

To find out more click here to download our white paper on how mode-locked lasers are used in two-photon microscopy.

ALCOR 1W/2W Options:

ALCOR XSight external module:

  • Fine power adjustment
  • Fast gating with TTL signal (< 1µs response time)
  • Fast power modulation with an analog signal (< 1µs response time)
  • Average power 3 W (at module output)

ALCOR FLeXSight (fiber delivered femtosecond pulses with total pulse control)

  • External module for 920nm or 1064nm
  • Fine and fast power control (XSight)
  • Computer-controlled GDD precompensation from 0 to -30,000 fs^2
  • Average power > 0.8 W at the fiber output

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The ALCOR series of single wavelength 920nm and 1064nm lasers are ideal for those working on multi-photon imaging applications.  The combination of high energy (up to 25nJ) and short <100fs pulse width results in the highest peak power available on the market today. This allows the researcher to image deeper into specimens.  The additional options available: GDD pre-comp. down to -30,00 fs^2, XSight (AOM) module for fast power control, and fiber coupled output make the ALCOR suitable for all two-photon microscopy setups.

The fiber based design of the ALCOR laser system enables a more compact, robust, and reliable laser than its DPSS counterparts while still being air-cooled.  Through this simplified fiber design, the ALCOR requires little to no maintenance.  Historically, researchers have been using Ti: Sapphire lasers which utilize many more components and moving parts which requires significantly more maintenance ultimately leading to higher total cost of ownership.  In the ALCOR, the only consumables are the laser diodes, which are rated for +20,000 hours.






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