AIRTRAC-6M: Low SWaP High Energy Laser

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Overview of AIRTRAC-6M: Low SWaP High Energy Laser

Areté’s AIRTRAC-6M Laser Designator is a ruggedized, high-shock, laser with >50 mJ pulse energy. Full NATO STANAG 3733 capability in a very compact, light weight and low power configuration. The athermal design provides high laser pulse energy over the full MIL-SPEC temperature range with low beam divergence and a full system weighing less than 1 lb. AIRTRAC-LD has established a new standard in size for lasers of this class. Inquire about this laser by emailing or calling us at 636-272-7227.

AIRTRAC-LD Features:

  • Compact athermal laser resonator
  • Solid state technology for increased efficiency and long life performance
  • High energy with low beam divergence
  • No significant warmup time
  • Reduced heat-load: conduction or air cooled
  • Continuous operation