880D: High Power CW Laser Diode Controller

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Model 880D High Power Laser Diode Driver

The Model 880D Laser Diode Controller provides CW output currents to drive laser diodes for pumping solid-state lasers. The 880D can be configured with up to three internal power modules to provide up to 6kW for CW diode loads. Control of the Model can be achieved from the front panel or remotely via an RS-232 interface and an external gate input allows for quasi-CW operation.

CW laser diode controller features include:

■ Output Current up to 150 Amps CW
■ Diode Voltage up to 200VDC
■ Quasi-CW Operation  – <100μs Risetime
■ RS-232 Port for Remote Control

Proprietary technology allows AMI’s Model 880D to offer a 150A, 200V driver with industry-leading efficiency and footprint. Multiple drivers can be stacked together to achieve output currents of 150A or higher. The laser driver includes open circuit, short circuit, over temperature and under voltage lockout protection.