8261C: Solid-State Pockels Cell Driver

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The Model 8261C Pockels Cell/Shutter Driver is designed for high repetition rate, continuous pulsed applications. Solid-state MOSFET technology is used, giving excellent trigger noise immunity and a smooth output waveform. This technique eliminates common problems associated with avalanche and transformer drivers. Amplitude is continuously variable by adjusting the internal high voltage power supply. The Model 8261C is capable of operating at high pulse repetition frequencies, fast rise times and fall times, and output pulses up to 5.0kV.

A low voltage monitor pin is provided to monitor the high voltage prior to the pulse. Internal timing is provided to refresh the output at a 5kHz rate, providing pulsewidth operation from 5μs to DC.

Pockels Cell/Shutter Driver features include:
  • Adjustable push-pull output to 3.2kV
  • 30nsec typical rise times
  • Rugged solid-state design
  • Self-contained high voltage power supply
  • Compact surface mount construction

Driving E-O Q-Switches for Q-Switching Solid-State Lasers, High Voltage Pulser, E-O Shutter