Pulsed Laser Diode Driver, 120 A, 140 V, 100 µs to 1 ms, 1 kHz

Key Features:

  • Output current 30 Amps CW or 120 Amps pulsed
  • Ideal for high power laser diodes
  • Compliance voltage up to 140 VDC
  • Wide pulse widths to 1msec
  • Built-in pulse generator
  • Transmission line construction


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The 779A Series OEM laser diode drivers are designed to power high current laser diodes for applications such as laser pumping and illumination. A pulse generator with adjustable amplitude, width, PRF and current limiting is included. A CW enable and opto-isolated pulse input also provides for remote control. The 779A Series provides negative current for grounded anode emitters using a closed-loop current source.

Current (A)




Pulse width


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