4302: Laser Diode Driver

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The 4302 Series LaserSource is the ideal laser driver for medium power applications, including high power pump lasers, freespace lasers, and high power fiber-pigtailed devices and it works well with many high power LED devices. Our compact enclosure takes up very little of your workspace, and the price offers excellent value.

Many of our customers have switched to the 4300 after years of using other products, and they have all made the same discovery: Why spend significantly more when you can get the same performance for a fraction of the price?

The LaserSource has all the features you would expect from a laser driver, such as safety interlock, ESD protection, and hardware limit circuits for current and voltage. In addition, the LaserSource has unique features not found on competing products including optically isolated modulation and photodiode inputs, programmable PD bias, and a constant voltage control mode.

The 4302 Series also offers an optional Quasi-CW (QCW) mode, a feature only found on far more expensive units. Using QCW mode, you can operate the device at a low duty cycle, mitigating the thermal loading on the device, and allowing you to run at higher output powers than CW operation allows. The special measurement circuitry in the 4300 even allows you to take measurements in QCW mode, which would not be possible with external triggering.

  • 2A, 4A, 8A, and 20A models available
  • Standard compliance voltages as high as 15V (call us for higher voltages)
  • High stability / low noise
  • High accuracy
  • Constant current, constant power and constant voltage operating modes
  • Large, clear VFD display easily viewable with laser goggles
  • Advanced laser diode protection
  • USB / RS-232 computer interfaces
  • Command set compatibility with Newport and ILX controllers