Raman Probes

Raman Probes Overview

RPMC Lasers is proud to introduce an ultra-high throughput integrated Raman probes. This novel device includes an integrated wavelength stabilized laser source with Raman filter packs, beam shaping optics, and high-efficiency Raman spectra collection optics. The Raman probe interfaces with any fiber coupled spectrometer to simplify operation and set-up.

The Integrated Raman Probe incorporates our wavelength stabilized hybrid external cavity laser (HECL) with a proprietary optical design to offer unmatched performance (typically 3x -5x over traditional Raman probes) at a reasonable price.

Raman spectroscopy is the study of the vibration modes of molecules through inelastic scattering of laser light off of a sample.  In this process, the scattered photons either lose or gain energy equal to that of the molecular bond’s vibrational modes.  By measuring the shift in wavelength from the Raman spectroscopy laser wavelength you can determine the bond structure of the molecule.  See our Raman Spectroscopy application page.

Our Products

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