24mW Lasers

What are 24mW Lasers?

Lasers that designate 24mW (0.024W) of average output power can have either continuous-wave (CW) or pulsed output. CW Lasers are always defined in average output power. Pulsed Lasers with an output power defined in Watts or Milliwatts usually define the laser’s average power, not the peak power of the laser.

Our 24mW Laser Products

We offer a couple of pulsed DPSS laser configuration options with 24mW average output power (other power options available from 5mW up to 25mW) in both 211nm and 213nm wavelengths, perfect for various applications like optogenetics, thin film removal, OPO pumping, and more!

If you do not happen to see an exact match among our standard configuration options, please do not hesitate to contact us about customizing one of our standard products. Depending on your requirements, we can also provide a completely custom solution to fit your unique requirements.

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Q1 Series

Quantas-Q1-211: High energy, compact, nanosecond, DPSS laser

The Q1 series is a compact, energy-efficient, diode pumped, air-cooled, Q-switched laser available at 1064 and 1053nm with up to 45 mJ of pulse energy and rep rates up to 50Hz. The high peak powers and low divergence of the Q1 series enable efficient harmonic conversion through the 5th harmonic (213 or 211nm). The innovative laser design has resulted in a user-friendly, turnkey system that requires little maintenance.