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Next Gen AIRTRAC Lasers with Full NATO STANAG 3733 Capability

Areté has developed the next generation of a-thermal lasers, AIRTRAC Lasers, providing low divergence and > 70mJ per pulse. Full NATO STANAG 3733 capability in a very compact, lightweight and low power configuration. The a-thermal design provides high pulse energy and low beam divergence in a full system weighing less than 1.5 lbs.

AIRTRAC has established a new standard in size for lasers of this class. The AIRTRAC is available in IR and Green.


• Compact a thermal laser resonator
• Solid state technology for increased efficiency and long life performance
• High energy with low beam divergence
• No significant warmup time
• Reduced heat-load: conduction or air cooled
• Continuous operation
• Shock & vibration hardened

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