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Dausinger + Giesen

Dausinger + Giesen GmbH is a privately owned company which designs, develops, and produces leading edge thin disk lasers for science and industry. Founded by Friedrich Dausinger and Adolf Giesen in 2007, D + G provides leading edge thin disk laser components, such as thin disk gain media, thin disk pump modules, Pockels cells, and high-power optomechanics. They also provide high performance, versatile, fast & ultrafast thin disk lasers, regenerative amplifiers, linear amplifiers, demonstrators, prototypes and designs.  In addition Dausinger + Giesen offers services and specialized devices around material processing where thin disk lasers are used.

The VaryDisk Series platform is a high energy, multi-milli-Joule laser system for laboratory investigations or industrial use. The output specifications can be chosen according to our customers needs, mainly by choice of the seed laser (multiple seed lasers are possible) and various options available.

Thin Disk Pump Modules contain optics for guiding up to 1 or 3 kW (respectively) of pump power multiple times over a laser active thin disk medium (Yb:YAG), such as provided by our TD-XX-7X Thin Disk Gain Media.

The TD-XX-7X is a line of thin disk laser crystals mounted on heatsinks. Mounting thin disk laser crystals to a proper heatsink ensures effective, homogenous, axial heat removal over a large surface area, the key technology for disk lasers. These OEM components are intended for various laboratory applications and for OEM production and are tested at typical operation conditions.

We also provide the SH-XY-X, a line of 1″ and 2″ water cooled Mirror Mounts, the ultimate solution for high power applications requiring stringent long-term alignment stability.

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VaryDisk Series

The VaryDisk Series is a versatile family of thin-disk laser systems that provide high pulse energies at high average powers and are suitable for lab or industrial use. These thin-disk regenerative amplifiers offer a range of output specifications to fit various application needs. The base configurations provide 25 W average power with 2.5 mJ pulse energy @ 343 nm (THG), 50 W and 5 mJ @ 515 nm (SHG), and 100W and 100 mJ @ 1030 nm.