LDX Optronics was incorporated in 1990 by Dr. Jeffrey A. Morris, its founder, and president.  LDX focuses on high power multimode laser diodes in a wide variety of wavelengths. These wavelengths range from 400nm – 1900nm.  We offer a range of standard products, but also provide custom solutions for specialized applications. See our new Lasers 101 page for in depth information on Solid State Lasers.

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The LDX Optronics’ management team has over five decades of combined experience in semiconductor laser manufacturing.  We emphasize quality as well as consistency in our manufacturing processes.  LDX checks each wafer extensively for quality and puts each wafer through a thorough life test, and each device undergoes a thorough burn-in prior to shipment.

LDX Optronics Standard Packages:

  • chip-on-submount,
  • C-mount,
  • B-mount,
  • Q-mount,
  • 9mm,
  • TO-3,
  • HHL,
  • array package

Also available are a variety of Fiber-Coupled Packages:

  • 9mm SMA
  • 2-pin package
  • 8-pin HHL Package
  • 9-pin HHL Package

And customized assemblies including micro-lenses and photodiodes.

LDX can provide custom packaging services for customer-supplied devices, high-quality flux-free Indium and AuSn chip and bar mounting to packages or submounts, and also package and mount LED’s, photodetectors, and other opto-electronic components.

LDX packages 10s of thousands of devices every year.

The LDX laboratories and offices are in Maryville, Tennessee.  The 6,250 sq. ft. facility includes cleanrooms for laser packaging, optical assembly, burn-in, and characterization.   LDX is a manufacturer and most of the facility focuses on manufacturing while our partner RPMC Lasers Inc. in O’Fallon, MO handles all sales and marketing functions.

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RPMC Lasers strives to provide lasers at an affordable price as well as providing top notch customer service.

Therefore, we believe we are the best option for ALL your DPSS and Laser Diode needs!

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