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Laser Requirements for Wind Turbine Monitoring LiDAR Systems

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LiDAR_Wind Turbine Monitoring

Learn about the laser requirements for windspeed monitoring LIDAR in this whitepaper titled “Laser Requirements for Wind Turbine Monitoring LIDAR Systems.”  In this paper, we expand on the fundamental concept of Doppler LIDAR, which we discussed in great detail in a previous whitepaper.  In contrast to that paper, this one focuses far less on the theoretical underpinnings of the technology and instead takes a deep dive into one specific application, wind speed monitoring for modern wind turbines.  In this article we take the time to examine how modern wind turbines function, and how, unlike older models, they actively adjust to optimize performance in real-time as weather conditions change.  Afterward, we go on to explain the advantages of Doppler LIDAR for this application and discuss the relevant laser requirements.


After reading this white paper, you will come to understand the fundamental rationale behind range resolution not being of particular importance for this application and why continuous wave (CW), frequency modulated LIDAR signals are the preferred choice over pulsed laser signals. This article will further go on to provide a brief overview of fiber laser technology and explain why they have become the light source of choice for most commercial LIDAR applications.  Lastly, in the article, the LRL2 single-frequency fiber laser from BKtel is presented as an example of a perfect laser solution with the proper laser requirements for windspeed monitoring LIDAR.

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