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Laser Beam Combiner for Microscopy

The L6Cc and L4Cc laser beam combiners are the most compact and flexible all-in-one multi-color laser sources. Available with up to 7 laser lines input and delivery up to 4 optical fiber outputs. The modular design allows for a large choice of lasers from 375 nm up to 1064 nm and with output power up to 500 mW. The laser sources are Oxxius LaserBoxx platform, but laser modules from other manufacturers can also be used. The extension modules provide the ultimate level of flexibility by integrating fast switching output ports for FRAP, adjustable split power for light sheet microscopy among other advanced functionalities. The L6Cc and L4Cc are field upgradeable to evolve as per your needs, and to preserve your investment. They are microprocessor controlled to provide unique features for demanding applications. The L6Cc and L4Cc are available in turnkey or OEM versions. The L6Cc is also available in high power version, integrating LBX-HPE sources with up to 1.2 W output power per line. It is coupled into a speckle-free multimode fiber.

Combiner Key Features

  • Up to 500 mW per wavelength
  • Up to 4 output ports
  • Direct modulation: analog, digital or both combined
  • Linearized output power on Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM)
  • High efficiency Polarization Maintaining fiber coupling
  • Mutimode fiber coupling option
  • Electro-mechanical shutter on each output and on each DPSS laser.
  • USB computer interface
  • compatible with μ-Manager environment

Combiner Benefits

  • Up to 4 or 7 combined wavelengths
  • Proven long-term stability
  • Flexible configuration with unique extension modules
  • Field upgradeable
  • Comprehensive optical design for easy maintenance
  • Extension modules with advanced features : dual output, fast switch mirror, AOTF, “+1 laser”
  • Graphic User Interface software

Combiner Applications

  • Super Resolution Imaging
  • Single Molecule Localization
  • Light Sheet
  • FRAP
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Optogenetics
  • Flow Cytometry

The L4Cc and L6Cc Beam Combiners are flexible by design.

Versatility, at all levels, was top priority when our engineers designed the L4Cc and the L6Cc beam combiners:

  • The platform features up to two independent channels and can provide up to two output ports.
  • The beam combiner is ready for docking with our pre-aligned extension modules.
  • Our extension module is the unrivaled solution to seamlessly add new functionalities to Oxxius combiners.
  • Using lasers with an industry standard footprint allows for the largest choice of wavelengths and powers.
  • The electronic board embeds all functionalities as standard. Adding a second AOM or any other advanced features is effortless, simply plug it
    in and activate it.
  • To fit the optical interface of microscopes, a large choice of connectors and collimators are available.

Technical Simplicity – as per customer request

  • L6Cc and L4Cc beam combiners integrat the largest panel of wavelengths from 375 nm up to 1064 nm combined in one channel or two independent channels.
  • The L4Cc and L6Cc can operate up to 4 or 7 lasers and up to 2 AOMs.
  • The output power per laser line is as high as 220 mW at the end of single PM fiber.
  • Each DPSS Laser and each output port come with an electro-mechanical shutter in standard. It is thus possible to block the beam without switching off the lasers.
  • Clean-up filters are provided standard at 488 nm and 514 nm.
  • Multiple ports and “+1 laser” with advanced features are available with the extension modules (MDL).
  • Exceptional passive alignment stability is the result of a proven design based on short optical paths in conjunction with the ultra-low heat load of the Oxxius LBX and LCX lasers.
  • Straightforward access to the optical components simplifies maintenance and future upgrades.

Output ports – Delivery options

  • The basic beam combiners feature one channel or two independent combined channels.
  • They can be configured (or upgraded) with the extension modules (MDL) providing up to 4 ports and additional functionalities.
  • You can choose between free space beam delivery, Multimode, Single Mode or Polarization Maintaining fibers and any combination of them.
  • Fiber Coupling – Oxxius propose the compact SuK® or the user friendly Kineflex® fiber couplers and RGBV fiber at standard 0.12 numerical aperture.
  • The fiber output options are FC/APC or FCP8 connectors or free space collimators on request.

Modulations and Controls

  • Each laser is modulated via independent analog and digital inputs.
  • In standard, an electro-mechanical shutter is installed on each LCX DPSS to block the beam without switching the laser off. The shutters are controlled via TTL signals or software commands.
  • The LBX laser diode sources are directly modulated, while the LCX DPSS are modulated through an AOM.
  • The output signal of the AOM is linearized to simplify the control. The extinction ratio is infinite with LBX laser diode and higher than 45 dB with LCX DPSS / AOM. If required, an AOTF is also available.
  • The remote controller (RemoteBoxx) brings some of the essential control elements at hand and the status within sight. The combiner can then be installed at the most convenient place.
  • The Oxxius software provides convenient Graphic User Interface for standalone use. The L4Cc and L6Cc are compatible with μManager environment.1 output

 Output Options:

  • One-channel output
    • This is the most economical version with all embedded functionalities and still providing full capabilities for future upgrade.
  • Two-channel outputs
    • 2 outputThe L4Cc and L6Cc can be set with two independent output ports.
    • Each port will deliver one or several wavelengths.
    • This configuration is recommended for FRAP when additional independent 405 and 488 nm lasers are needed, or when UV or NIR lines are requested.
  • Extension Modules – get more from your combiner.
    • With the extension modules (MDL), the L4Cc and L6Cc are offering advanced functionalities at a reasonable cost.
    • The electronic board embeds in standard the electrical connections and controls for the extension modules.Extension Module The Modules are also pre-aligned and can be added on site.
    • Up to two Modules could be stacked to expand furthermore the possibilities.


  • MDL-MDUAL – Designed for light sheet microscopy. It provides two outputs with the possibility to balance the output power between each port. The split ratio accuracy is +/-5%.
  • MDL-SPLIT – Provides two outputs at fixed 50/50% ratio (+/-10% accuracy)
  • MDL-FSTM – Provides fast switching between two, three or four outputs at 30Hz (< 5 ms switching time)
  • MDL-FLPM – Recommended when only one L4Cc or L6Cc is used with two microscopes. This will economically route all lines on the selected output. This is not meant for frequent switching.
  • MDL-L+1 – Provides one additional LBX laser, combined on the main channel or fully independent with its own output port.
  • MDL-MNDF – Provides a motorized neutral density filter when low output power is needed
  • MDL-AOTF – AOTF modulator – one output

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