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Jenoptik Laser Diode Bars

Jenoptik Laser Diode Bars

Jenoptik develops and produces high power diode laser bar products ranging from the semiconductor material, unmounted bars, mounted bars, laser bar stacks, to fiber-coupled diode laser modules.


Offered by Jenoptik:

  • Highest efficiency.
  • Robust and durable – Industry Proven
  • Flexibility – A wide product range with varying wavelengths, powers, and designs.
  • Customer-specific: Laser systems and modules according to your individual specifications.

Jenoptik laser diodes are well-known as the high-quality industry standard for medical and industrial applications. Jenoptik is an established company which is present in more than 80 countries. Consequently, their diode lasers are known for their high efficiency and reliability. Finally, to ensure the highest possible quality, long service life, with dependable deliveries Jenoptik manufactures all laser diodes bars in-house.

To see all products by Jenoptik click HERE.


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