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Highly Efficient and Passively Cooled Next-Gen 275W Diode Laser

Jenoptik is now offering the JOLD-275-CPNN-1L, their latest development in the field of high-power laser sources for industrial material processing, medical, and life science applications. Thanks to Jenoptik’s patented mounting and bonding technology, this new, passively cooled diode laser is able to achieve extremely high performance in hard pulse and CW applications. Jenoptik also utilizes the efficient and high-performance semiconductor materials they produce themselves to manufacture their high-power laser diodes. These practices allow Jenoptik to guarantee top performance, quality, and reliability, as well as allowing manufacturers to benefit from lower costs and to tackle high-power applications. JOLD 275W LK

The JOLD-275-CPNN-1L offers many benefits over competing products. First, it uses fewer diodes to achieve the same level of performance, allowing for a higher power with a lower cost per watt. Reducing overall power consumption reduces the cost of your application. Because of the increased performance efficiencies, the power of the laser system can be increased at minimal expense. Jenoptik’s new proprietary LK heat-sink package allows this diode to produce extremely high power output, while being passively cooled. Traditional indium soldering results in a grainy and inconsistent bond, hindering the efficiency of heat dissipation. The superior LK package provides a consistent, solid bond, allowing for greatly increased heat transfer efficiency to handle high power output under hard pulse conditions. Finally, due to its simple and compact package, this laser diode can easily be integrated into your system with little modification.

JOLD-275-CPNN-1L Features:

  • 275W output power
  • Passive cooling with LK Technology bonding
  • 938nm center wavelength (standard)
  • Custom wavelengths available
  • >20,000 hour lifetime
  • Up to 60% power conversion efficiency
Indium Soldering

Traditional Indium Soldering

LK heat technology

LK Technology Bond


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