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Fiber Lasers for LIDAR

LIDAR lasers are commonly used to make high resolution maps in geography, forestry, archaeology plus many other fields.  They are also used to control autonomous cars.  LIDAR is also called laser scanning or 3D scanning.

LIDAR is an optical remote sensing technology that can measure distances or other properties of a target by illuminating it with light, often using pulses from a laser. You can find more details about lidar on Wikipedia.

The 1550nm Pulsed Erbium Fiber Laser series are especially designed and developed to address LIDAR and remote sensing application. These laser series are “eye safe”, and have broad range of pulse widths, repetition frequency, peak power and energy per pulse as well as linear or random polarization operation options.


  • All signal-mode fiber design
  • Factory set pulse width range from 500ps to +50ns
  • Adjustable pulse width range 4ns to 50ns
  • Signal/ASE suppression ratio >20dB
  • Random output polarization
  • Highly reliable laser diode pumps
  • Maintenance free operation


  • Mapping
  • Range finding
  • Remote sensing
  • Weather and pollutant
  • Seed source for high power amplifier

BKtel is a world leading manufacturer of Telecordia grade fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers.  BKtel develops active and passive equipment for FTTH, RF Video Overlay, RFoG and HFC broadband networks and related network management. The product portfolio includes a wide range of products starting from optical transmitters, optical amplifiers, active fiber coupled lasers, optical receivers, optical return channel systems, customer premises equipment up to DWDM technology for upstream and downstream applications.

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Lidar Laser Grand Canyon


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