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Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes


RPMC Lasers offer one of the widest wavelength selections of Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes available. Our fiber coupled Diode Laser products include  single mode fiber coupled laser diodes, multimode single emitter and multi-emitter fiber coupled modules, and fiber coupled laser diode bars and stacks. 

Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes couple the laser light from the laser diode into a optical fiber. Coupling the output of a laser diode into an optical fiber makes delivering light easier. Fiber-coupled diode lasers also have several other advantages:

  • The light exiting the fiber has a circular and uniform intensity profile.
    singlemode versus multimode
    Single mode versus Multimode
  • It allows the laser diodes and heatsink to be located remotely from where the laser light is used.
  • Defective fiber-coupled diode lasers can easily be replaced without changing the alignment of the device where the light is used.
  • Fiber-coupled devices can be easily combined with other fiber-optic components.

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We offer a wide selection of UV laser diodes, blue laser diodes, red laser diodes, and IR laser diodes.  The output power ranges from mWs on the single mode laser diodes, to watts in the multimode single emitters, to multi KW on the laser diode bar and multimode multi-emitter fiber coupled modules and systems.

We have a technical team of engineers who can assist you with any information you may need regarding operation or specification.  We are here to help.  We would like to be your source for all your laser diode needs.

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RPMC Lasers provides laser diodes at an affordable price while providing the best customer service throughout the specification, sales, and implementation process.  We believe we are the best option for ALL your DPSS and Laser Diode needs!

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