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Eye Safe Laser Transmitters

We offer an extensive range of Eye Safe Laser Transmitters for use in different kinds of Laser Rangefinders and Medical Equipment.

Our range of products covers Flash Lamp and Laser Diode Pumped, Passive and Active Q-Switch options, and a broad spectrum of Output Energy, Repetition Rate, Pulse Width, and conductive and air-forced cooling.

Here is an overview of our Eye Safe Laser Transmitter products:

Laser Diode Pumped, Active Q-Switch:

Optitask Eyesafe Laser Transmitter


Laser Diode Pumped, Passive Q-Switch:

Optitask Eyesafe Laser Transmitter

Optitask Eyesafe Laser Transmitter

Optitask Eyesafe Laser Transmitter


Flash Lamp Pumped, Active / Passive Q-Switch:

Optitask Eyesafe Laser Transmitter


Optitask Ltd has been active in the hi-tech civilian and military markets for more than 17 years.  The Company is involved in research, development, design, and manufacturing in the fields of laser physics, optics, electronics and mechanics, with the emphasis placed on Eye safe Laser Transmitters activities.

Our Laser Transmitters manufacturing facilities include three levels of Clean Rooms: ISO 7 (Class 10.000), ISO 6 (Class 1.000) and ISO 5 (Class 100), Laminar Boxes, numerous standard and special Electro-Optical instruments and jigs.  We maintain the highest manufacturing and quality assurance standards in strict adherence to international standard ISO 9001:2008. 

Our R&D team of highly skilled physicists and engineers, develops an extensive range of state-of-the-art Solid State Eye Safe Laser Transmitters, using the latest technologies, instruments, and computer hardware/software packages in cutting-edge laboratories. This includes a separate department that specializes in manufacture of unique active Q-switch based on FTIR principle.

Our top-notch physicists, engineers and specialists possess impressive academic, scientific and military credentials. All of them had gained extensive experience in the development, design, testing, fielding, operating and servicing of cutting-edge laser systems. Over the years, we have developed unique technologies, notably in the field of Eye Safe Laser Transmitters and Glass Laser Transmitters based products. These technologies are currently employed to maximum effect by medical, technological, and defense industries for various local and overseas clients.

To date, we have manufactured and sold thousands of high-quality products, all fully confirming to the most demanding specifications. We possess the know-how, skills, facilities, resources and flexibility required in to meet the most complex and intricate requirements and specifications, manufacture, and deliver a fully tested, highly reliable, quality product within a short lead time.

Optitask is involved in several cooperative alliances with other manufacturers. These activities mainly involve integrating our Laser Transmitters with the products and systems of other manufacturers.

Optitask Ltd is committed to providing our clients with solid logistic support, including operator & technician training. Our technical specialists are always available to extend their assistance and support in order to promptly resolve any problem our clients may encounter.

See our new Lasers 101 page for in depth information on Solid State Lasers or if you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs with our Product Specialist:

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