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Exclusive global distribution renewed

Here at RPMC Lasers we are excited to announce the renewal of our exclusive worldwide distribution relationship with LDX Optronics.  LDX Optronics are specialists in high power diode lasers, and for over 20 years we have worked together to provide customers with widest selection of diode wavelengths and packaging configurations on the market.

Through RPMC Lasers, LDX Optronics offers the widest range of laser diode wavelengths and packaging configurations on the market.  LDX will continue to enable us to provide you with wavelengths ranging from 445 nm through 1850 nm, in both free space and fiber-coupled configurations.  LDX Optronics also allows us to provide you with customized diode laser assemblies including micro-lenses and photodiodes, insuring that you can also find the solution you are looking for at RPMC.  

Together we pride ourselves on providing you  a technical staff with the in-depth knowledge of the products, quality technical advice, high-quality support after delivery and most importantly the best laser at a fair price.

For more information about LDX Optonics’ full product offerings please take a look at their 2018 Diode Laser Catalog.



Free Space Laser Diode Packages

LDX Fiber Coupled



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