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Evolution Photonics, Inc. (EPI)

Evolution photonics aims to bridge the gap between ideas, technologies, and users by helping manufacturers developing products based on mid-­infrared technologies and by helping users understand the details of their application and select the right solution for their problems.

The diverse applications of mid-­infrared optics and laser-­based systems hold great development potential for a number of technologies and their commercialization. Optical sensing, non-­invasive diagnostics, personal health, environmental monitoring both in industrial and home settings, and the underlying technologies that enable this essential part of our future interconnected

 infrastructure are becoming ubiquitous. A few of these technologies operate in the mid-­infrared region of the spectrum and leverage the extremely high sensitivity, eye-­safety, security, and real-­time nature of infrared light to achieve measurements and extract information that was unavailable before now.

Nevertheless, as of today, there is still a gap between ideas, demonstrations, prototypes, and their shaping into products used in the field. The mid-­infrared is still lagging behind other domains in establishing a networked ecosystem of academia, industry, entrepreneurs, and capital that can open the path to market for several innovations in this field.

EPI works with its customers at several levels, from design, feasibility assessment, and prototype demonstration, to product development, supply chain management, and quality control implementation. Because of the relatively new development of several mid-­‐infrared technologies, from the component level (lasers, fibers, packages, filters, etc.) up to the system level (microscopes, cameras, sensors, diagnostic tools, etc.), developing products and applications today in this field can carry significant risks for manufacturers and for users alike.

EPI is seeking to mitigate these risks and foster the development and adoption of mid-­infrared technologies for sensing and other applications, with particular focus on analytical instrumentation, industrial and medical diagnostics, and environmental applications of laser-­ based systems.

Potential value points for clients:

  • Specification definition & design modeling/feedback
  • Feasibility assessments & prototyping
  • Process development & troubleshooting
  • Vendor selection & management
  • Quality control implementation
  • Cost control & optimization
  • New markets exploration

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