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DX1 Module offers narrow linewidth laser diodes

The DX1 Module with integrated Current Source & Temperature Controller offers a wide range of DFB laser diodes ranging from 760nm-2327nm for various gas sensing applications. At the heart of their gas sensing lasers is Eblana’s Discreet-Mode (DM) technology which allows for excellent SMSR and narrow linewidth (<2MHz). Since laser-based gas sensing requires excellent tuning characteristics, Eblana’s DM lasers are the ideal choice because they feature mode-hop-free tuning over a minimum of 2nm.

The fully integrated unit is specifically designed for delivering precise TEC control and an ultra-low noise current source for optimised laser performance. The DX1 module is available with SM or PM fiber.

Eblana Photonics specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced semiconductor Discrete-Mode Laser Diodes (DFB-like) between 760nm – 2350nm. The main applications for the Eblana lasers are Gas Sensing, Metrology, and Optical Communications.  Eblana’s DM lasers possess inherently narrow linewidth relative to traditional DFBs, in addition to superior electro-optical performance with respect to output power, threshold, SMSR and tuning characteristics. These devices are available as OEM components (14-pin BF packages and TO-cans), as well as modules complete with drive electronics and TEC control. See our new Lasers 101 page for in depth information on the attributes of Lasers

DX1 Module Features:

  • Incorporates a stable, low noise current source
  • Provides stable and precise Thermoelectric Control
  • Very compact format
  • Eliminates need for separate mount & driver units
  • Cost-effective

Available Wavelengths for the DX1 Module:

  • 758-764nm
  • 778-784nm
  • 1260-1288nm
  • 1378-1400nm
  • 1490-1530nm
  • 1540-1560nm
  • 1560-1573nm
  • 1640-1670nm
  • 1735-1770nm
  • 1845-1920nm
  • 1950-2150nm

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