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Industrial ultrafast fiber lasers achieve sub-150 fs pulse duration: focus on precision micromachining

This webinar will show the benefits of moving to true femtosecond machining (<200 fs) for a variety of materials and processes and will show how the switch to shorter pulses is as simple as changing the laser. Shorter pulses allow for higher peak power at a lower pulse energy, meaning the ablation threshold is … Read More

White Papers:

How to Improve Laser Diode Lifetime – Advice and Precautions on Mounting 

This 11 page White Paper on How to Improve Laser Diode Lifetime addresses the importance of the mounting or heatsinking of laser diode packages.

Laser diodes have increased in output power and the increased power means added waste heat to contend with.  The mounting or heatsinking of the laser package is of tremendous importance because operating temperature has a strong influence on laser lifetime and performance. Achieving correct mounting or heatsinking of the laser package effectively is not as simple as many would assume.  This article will discuss the various package types and the best practices for ensuring you are mounting the laser diode correctly. Correct mounting or heatsinking will ensure the best performance and longest lifetimes.