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The US Navy is Testing Out Drone-Zapping Laser Weapons

In the search for a more cost-effective, efficient, and agile defense against increasingly modernized threats, such as armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, the US Navy has turned to directed-energy weapons (DEWs). The USS Portland, equipped with a laser weapon system, is the latest example of modern, cost-effective threat mitigation, effectively demonstrating the ability to destroy both a floating target and a drone in field tests…

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Still Need a Proper Mount & Heatsink to Protect Your Laser Diode?

Arroyo-224-TEC-TO-Can-Laser-Mount-Front (1)

Extend the life of your laser diode, keeping it properly mounted and cooled with our Laser Diode Mount & Heatsink configurations. These easy-to-use mounts and heatsinks are designed for lab use and can handle TO-Can, HHL, Butterfly, and other Laser Diode package styles, with active or passive cooling versions. 

Get the Right Equipment to Protect Your Laser Diode & Increase Lifetime!


Customized OEM Drivers for Laser Diodes or Pockels Cell / Shutter

Short pulse seed laser driver

We offer a selection of CW and pulsed diode drivers and Pockels cell/shutter drivers in various configurations to fit your needs. These drivers are perfect OEM components for driving diodes for pumping solid-state lasers, diode bars & arrays, Q-switches and more! Most of our drivers for OEM production are customized to meet the requirements of the end-user.

DFB QCLs for Enhanced Molecular Spectroscopy from 10 µm to 17 µm

mirSense_Nuclear Industry_Trim

These groundbreaking, compact, single-mode QCLs provide a new wavelength range from 10-17µm, perfect for the detection and monitoring of critical, gaseous nuclear and industrial compounds:

    •   Methyl Iodide (CH3I) ≈ 885 cm-1

    •   Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6) ≈ 628 cm-1

    •   Neptunium (NpF6) ≈ 624 cm-1

    •   Plutonium (PuF6) ≈ 619 cm-1


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