Photoluminescence Lasers

Photoluminescence Lasers Overview


Photoluminescence is a generalized term that simply means to excite the emission of light from material by using a short wavelength light source as an excitation source.  While this term can be applied to many different optical applications, the more common usage of the term is for measuring the bandgap of a semiconductor.  This process commonly used in testing laser diodes and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), utilizes short-wavelength (typically blue or ultraviolet) photoluminescence lasers to excite the electrons from the valence band to the conduction band.  Then when they relax back down the valence band, they emit light whose energy is equal to that of the band gap. By measuring this emission, LEDs and laser diodes can then be sorted and binned according to their emission properties.   On this page, you will find a list of all of the photoluminescence lasers we offer including UV and visible diode and DPSS lasers.

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Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output Power (W) Mode Output Narrow Linewidth Pulse Energy (uJ) Pulse Width Rep Rate
405L-1XA: 405nm Laser (Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 405L-1XA LD Module 405 0.080, 0.130, 0.150 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
IO Matchbox 405nm Laser 405L-2XA LD Module 405 0.015, 0.030, 0.040 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled Yes
445L-1XA: 445nm Laser (Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 445L-1XA LD Module 445 0.035, 0.050, 0.060 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
488L-1XA: 488nm Laser (Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 488L-1XA LD Module 488 0.020, 0.030, 0.040 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
488L-2XA: 488nm SLM Laser (VBG Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 488L-2XA LD Module 488 0.010, 0.015, 0.030 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled Yes
HL37013MG: 375nm Laser Diode HL37013MG Single Emitter 375 0.200 Multimode Free Space No
HL40033G: 405nm Laser Diode HL40033G Single Emitter 405 1.0 Multimode Free Space No
HL40041MG: 404nm Laser Diode HL40041MG Single Emitter 404 0.150 Multimode Free Space No
HL40053MG: 404nm Laser Diode HL40053MG Single Emitter 404 0.400 Multimode Free Space No
HL40063MG: 405nm Laser Diode HL40063MG Single Emitter 405 0.600 Multimode Free Space No

Matchbox Series


The Matchbox series of compact laser diode and DPSS laser modules are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1064nm. Options include collimated beam or fiber coupled output, and single mode and multimode versions.

HL Series

HL Series by Ushio

The HL Series of laser diodes are available in a wide range of wavelengths from violet to red and infrared in support of a broad range of applications. These applications include display, medical, biosciences, industrial tools (sensor, leveler), machine vision, scanners, printers and a myriad of other applications being developed in the industry.

K Series

K Series Lasers by BWT

The K Series of multiple single emitter fiber coupled diode lasers are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1550nm with up to 300W output powers. These multi-emitter high power and high brightness diode lasers include options for aiming beam, photo detector, TEC, fiber detector, thermistor and a variety of package types.

LaserBoxx Low Noise Series

Laserboxx Low Noise by Oxxius

The LaserBoxx low noise Series is a CW diode laser module in a variety of diode wavelengths from 375 to 785nm, with output powers up to 350mW. This compact, self-contained laser module is available in turn-key or OEM versions and utilizes a proprietary alignment-free, monolithic resonator, and comes standard with a graphic user interface with remote diagnostics via USB, RS232, or direct I/O interface.

LaserBoxx HPE Series

Laserboxx HPE Series by Oxxius

The LaserBoxx HPE series is a high power laser diode module offering excellent performance and reliability in a compact driver integrated laser head (Industry-standard compact package). It comes in free space multimode elliptical beam or with removable MM fiber coupling.

LDX Series

LDX Series

The LDX Series of high power multimode single emitter laser diodes include wavelengths of 400nm – 1900nm. Available in a wide range of output powers and package types.

Onda Series

Onda Laser Series by Bright Solutions

The Onda Series is a DPSS nanosecond OEM laser platform aimed at high-end applications requiring both excellent beam quality and high peak power in materials such as metals, glass, plastics, and various delicate and hard materials. Developed initially as a high-energy seeder for advanced MOPA laser systems, the Onda is now available as a standalone device operating at the wavelengths of 266, 355, 532 and 1064nm. The compactness and ease of use allow for superior operation flexibility and performance / cost ratio.

Microchip Series

Microchip Series by BrightMicrolaser

The Microchip Series, available in the FP3 and P4 packages from BrightMicroLaser, are ultra-compact, passively q-switched DPSS lasers that feature pulse durations from 350 ps to 3 ns, energy levels up to 100 uJ and repetition rates up to 100 kHz. In addition to the fundamental 1064 nm wavelength and its harmonics (532, 355 and 266 nm), we also deliver units emitting at 946 and 473 nm.

TG Series

TG Series by TopGaN

The TG Series of laser diodes emit in the spectral range from 420nm up to 460 nm with a typical output power of 50mW and an absolute maximum output power of 100mW. Assembled in a 5.6 mm (TO-56) packages the TG series is a suitable for a wide range of OEM applications that require blue/violet light.

Wedge Series

Wedge Laser Series by Bright Solutions

The Wedge series of DPSS Lasers have been designed for OEM applications like micro machining of hard and soft materials, specialty marking, glass and crystals engraving, LIDAR, LIBS, Spectroscopy and medical diagnostics. High peak powers, with relatively low energy and heat generation, allows efficient ablation and non-linear interaction with most materials. The compact and lightweight package represents a great benefit in LIDAR and other aerospace applications, while short pulses give extremely precise time-of-flight measurements.
Second Harmonic (532 nm output) and wavelength conversion option widen the product application range.

WSLD Series

WSLD Series by WaveSpectrum

The WSLD series of laser diodes, from WaveSpectrum, are available in a wide range of wavelengths, power levels, and packages. The WSLD wavelength options span from 405nm to 1920nm, with output powers in the range of 20mW to several watts, packaged in standard C, E, and H-Mount packages, as well as a variety of TO-can options.

WSLP Series

WSLP Series by WaveSpectrum

The WSLP series of fiber coupled laser diodes are variable in both multimode and single mode configurations, with wavelengths from 405nm thru the IR. The highly reliable WSLP series is suitable for a variety of applications such as biological and analytical instrumentation.