Particle Measurement

Particle Measurement Lasers Overview

Particle Measurement

Particle measurement is widely deployed as a means for counting and sizing the number of particles in both air and fluids. Three primary particle measurement methodologies are employed currently optical particle counting, dynamic light scattering, and particle image velocimetry. While dynamic light scattering and optical particle counting look at two different aspects of the scattered light, temporal fluctuations and intensity fluctuations respectively, they both require similar laser specifications. These lasers must then have a high-quality continuous-wave TEM00 laser. Otherwise, the speckle pattern of the multi-mode beam will interfere with the measurement of the scattered light. Particle image velocimetry, on the other hand, is based on synchronizing a pulsed laser and time-gated camera which are trigged at the same time so that each image can be precisely mapped to a point in time. For all of these applications, the actual wavelength of the laser is not highly critical, but it is generally preferred that visible lasers are used to maximize the sensitivity of the detectors. On this page, you will find a list of all of the particle measurement lasers we offer, including both diode and diode-pumped solid-state lasers.

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Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output Power (W) Mode Output Narrow Linewidth Pulse Energy (uJ) Pulse Width Rep Rate
1030L-2XB: 1030nm Laser (SLM DPSS; MATCHBOX 2) 1030L-2XB CW DPSS Lasers 1030 0.200, 0.280, 0.400 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
1064L-2XB: 1064nm Laser (SLM DPSS; MATCHBOX 2) 1064L-2XB CW DPSS Lasers 1064 0.200, 0.280, 0.400 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
IO Matchbox 405nm Laser 405L-2XA LD Module 405 0.015, 0.030, 0.040 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
488L-2XA: 488nm SLM Laser (VBG Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 488L-2XA LD Module 488 0.010, 0.015, 0.030 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
515L-2XA: 515nm SLM Laser (VBG Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 515L-2XA LD Module 515 0.010, 0.030, 0.040 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
520L-2XA: 520nm SLM Laser (VBG Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 520L-2XA LD Module 520 0.025, 0.035 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
532L-2XB: 532nm Laser (SLM DPSS; MATCHBOX 2) 532L-2XB CW DPSS Lasers 532 0.025, 0.040, 0.050 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
633L-2XA: 633nm SLM Laser (VBG Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 633L-2XA LD Module 633 0.035, 0.040, 0.070 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
638L-2XA: 638nm SLM Laser (VBG Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 638L-2XA LD Module 638 0.060, 0.080, 0.100 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes
783L-2XA: 783nm SLM Laser (VBG Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 783L-2XA LD Module 783 0.070, 0.090, 0.130 Single Mode Fiber Coupled, Free Space Yes

Matchbox Series


The Matchbox series of compact laser diode and DPSS laser modules are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1064nm. Options include collimated beam or fiber coupled output, and single mode and multimode versions.

BRaMMs Series

BRaMMs Lasers Series by UnikLasers

The BRaMMS series of CW single-frequency lasers, featuring the Solo and Duetto configurations, are available at a variety of wavelengths with high average powers, making them well suited for a variety of highly specialized scientific and industrial applications. BRaMMS Technology® enables superior performance, high output powers, and outstanding beam properties in an overall compact footprint. The BRaMMs SOLO and Duetto series are utilized in a range of applications including holography, metrology, spectroscopy, and quantum technology.

DX1 Series

DX1 Series by Eblana

The DX1 series is a tunable single-frequency diode laser in a compact turnkey laser system available in wavelengths from 1270nm thru 2300nm. Utilizing Eblana’s proprietary discrete-mode (DM) technology ensures excellent side mode suppression ratio (SMSR), without the mode hops inherent to most distributed feedback (DFB) lasers.

LaserBoxx SLM Series

Laserboxx SLM Series by Oxxius

The LaserBoxx-SLM Series is a single longitudinal mode (SLM) CW diode laser module available in wavelengths at 633nm, 785nm, and 830nm delivering ultra-narrow linewidths thanks to its excellent temperature stability and low noise current. The Oxxius proprietary, embedded firmware locks the laser on the same mode at each startup. This compact, self-contained laser module is available in turn-key or OEM versions and utilizes a proprietary alignment-free, monolithic resonator, and comes standard with a graphic user interface with remote diagnostics via USB, RS232, or direct I/O interface.

LGK Series

LGK Laser Series by Lasos

The LGK Series of Gas Lasers include a wide range of HeNe and Argon lasers with wavelengths at 488nm, 515nm, 543nm, 594nm, and 633nm.

LRL Series

LRL Laser Series by BKtel

The LRL series is a 1550nm, high-power, continuous-wave (CW) fiber laser, providing up to 1W of output power from a single-mode fiber. This series offers power tunability ranging from 10%-100%, is available with standard or polarization-maintaining fiber with FC/APC fiber or an optional collimating lens, produces a perfect TEM00 beam, and offers high-speed triggering and modulation.

QCL Series

QCL Series by MirSense

The QCL series is a high power pulsed Quantum Cascade Laser based on proprietary technology which incorporates high-powered diodes (typically watt-level) emitting in the main transmission bands of the atmosphere (4.0µm, 4.6µm, 4.8µm, 9.x µm). The ITAR free MirSense technology exhibits outstanding performance in terms of power and wall-plug efficiency. This high-performance QCL assembly takes full advantage of MirSense’s state of the art technologies.

Q2 Series

Q2 Laser Series by QLI

The Q2 series is a versatile, diode pumped, air-cooled, Q-switched laser capable of achieving up to 80mJ of pulse energy with an operational rep rate up to 100Hz. Available at the fundamental wavelengths of 1064 and 1053nm, the innovative water-free laser crystal end-pumping technology produces Gaussian-like, low divergence laser beams with high peak powers, enabling efficient harmonics conversion through the 5th harmonic.

Q2HE Series

Q2-HE Laser Series by QLI

The Q2HE series, from Quantum Light Instruments Ltd., features an innovative water-free laser crystal cooling technology that enables generation of high quality laser beams with up to 100 mJ pulse energy and/or up to 4 W of average output power. Featuring a pulse duration of less than 7 ns and a low beam divergence, the Q2HE is capable of achieving efficient fundamental wavelength conversion through the 5th harmonics of 213/211 nm.

R Series


The R series of wavelength stabilized single mode and multimode laser diodes offer narrow wavelength spectrum in wavelengths from 633nm thru 1064nm. Package options range from components as basic as a TO-56 or 14-pin BF packaged diodes, to OEM modules including electronics, to UL/CE and IEC certified turn-key systems.