Multi-Photon Microscopy Lasers

Multi-Photon Microscopy Lasers Overview

Multi-Photon Microscopy

Multi-photon microscopy, also known as 2-photon microscopy, is a widely used technique in the biological sciences, where sum-frequency generation within the sample can result in second harmonic generation or third harmonic generation to excite fluorescence in the sample.  This process is widely used for creating fluorescence images of live cells, since the multiphoton microscopy lasers are typically in the near-infrared wavelengths region, therefore reducing the potential of photochemical damage to the cells.  Due to the non-linear nature of this process, multiphoton microscopy lasers must have extremely short pulses, and therefore mode-locked femtosecond lasers are typically used for this application.   Additionally, as in all microscopy applications, multiphoton microscopy lasers, must also be single spatial mode to get diffraction-limited performance out of the microscope objective.   On this page you will find a list of our mode-locked multiphoton microscopy lasers, these mode-locked fiber lasers are ideal for multiphoton microscopy because of their short pulse width and excellent beam quality.

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ALCOR is the most advanced femtosecond fiber laser emitting at 920 nm or 1064 nm specifically designed for multiphoton microscopy instrumentation and industrial OEM integration, working with 24/7 operations, in an ultra-compact, robust and air-cooled format. Featuring the Alcor 920 4W, with the highest average power commercially available, as well as the XSight and FLeXSight external modules, allowing for fine and fast gating and power control, and GDD recommendation.



ALTAIR is the perfect fit for all deep excitation applications like multi-photon microscopy, with 1 µm wavelength, up to 20W average power output, and 1.5MW of peak power, it offers many benefits for bioimaging, including lower scattering and deeper penetration. Integrating state of the art, high-power, fully packaged fiber amplifiers, and pulse management, ALTAIR has remarkable pulse quality and high average power, is maintenance-free, ultra-compact, and robust.



ANTARES is a picosecond, quasi-continuous wave laser with a high repetition rate up to 80 MHz and a narrow linewidth, in a very compact and robust format. This laser series offers average powers of 1 to 40W at 1030 nm or 1064 nm (upon request) and can be doubled or tripled in the harmonics to answer even the most challenging industrial and scientific applications. ANTARES is ideally suited for applications such as CARS and spectroscopy applications.


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