Flow Cytometry Lasers

Flow Cytometry Lasers Overview

Flow cytometry is a laser-based technology employed in cell counting, cell sorting, biomarker detection, and protein engineering.  This technology is used to analyze the physical and chemical characteristics of particles in a fluid as it passes through at least one laser.  The fluorescence-labeled cell components are excited by the flow cytometry lasers to emit light at varying wavelengths.  The fluorescence can then be measured to determine the amount and type of cells present in a sample.  Up to thousands of particles per second can be analyzed as they pass through the liquid stream. Most of the visible wavelengths can be used in flow cytometry, but it’s essential that all flow cytometry lasers have a high quality TEM00 beam profile.

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Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output Power (W) Mode Output Narrow Linewidth Pulse Energy (uJ) Pulse Width Rep Rate
1030L-1XB: 1030nm Laser (DPSS; MATCHBOX 2) 1030L-1XB LD Module 1030 0.300, 0.400, 0.500 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
1064L-1XB: 1064nm Laser (DPSS; MATCHBOX 2) 1064L-1XB CW DPSS Lasers 1064 0.300, 0.400, 0.500 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
1123L-1XB: 1123nm Laser (DPSS; MATCHBOX 2) 1123L-1XB LD Module 1120 0.100, 0.160, 0.200 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
1319L-1XB: 1319nm Laser (DPSS; MATCHBOX 2) 1319L-1XB LD Module 1330 0.100, 0.160, 0.200 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
405L-1XA: 405nm Laser (Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 405L-1XA LD Module 405 0.080, 0.130, 0.150 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
445L-1XA: 445nm Laser (Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 445L-1XA LD Module 445 0.035, 0.050, 0.060 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
488L-1XA: 488nm Laser (Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 488L-1XA LD Module 488 0.020, 0.030, 0.040 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
IO Matchbox 505nm Laser 505L-1XA LD Module 505 0.030 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
515L-1XA: 515nm Laser (Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 515L-1XA LD Module 515 0.025, 0.030, 0.040, 0.060 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No
520L-1XA: 520nm Laser (Diode; MATCHBOX 2) 520L-1XA LD Module 520 0.040, 0.070, 0.080 Single Mode Free Space, Fiber Coupled No

Matchbox Series


The Matchbox series of compact laser diode and DPSS laser modules are available in wavelengths from 405nm thru 1064nm. Options include collimated beam or fiber coupled output, and single mode and multimode versions.

LXCc Series

LXCc Series by Oxxius

The LXCc series is the most compact and flexible all-in-one multicolor laser combiner, with up to 7 laser lines, and up to 500mW output power per line. The turnkey or OEM versions allow a large choice of lasers from 375nm up to 1064nm. The extension module provides the ultimate level of flexibility with up to 4 optical fiber outputs, integrated fast switching output ports for FRAP, or adjustable split power for light-sheet microscopy.

LaserBoxx Low Noise Series

Laserboxx Low Noise by Oxxius

The LaserBoxx low noise Series is a CW diode laser module in a variety of diode wavelengths from 375 to 785nm, with output powers up to 350mW. This compact, self-contained laser module is available in turn-key or OEM versions and utilizes a proprietary alignment-free, monolithic resonator, and comes standard with a graphic user interface with remote diagnostics via USB, RS232, or direct I/O interface.

LGK Series

LGK Laser Series by Lasos

The LGK Series of Gas Lasers include a wide range of HeNe and Argon lasers with wavelengths at 488nm, 515nm, 543nm, 594nm, and 633nm.

RHAML Series

RHAML Series

The RHAML series of diode laser modules deliver a uniform, stable output beam that crucual for machine vision applcations, especially in 3D vision systems. The compact, RHAML series is a reliable light source that incoroporates a fucusing lens that can be easily adjusted by the user. Additionally, the RHAML series is fully IP67 compliant, making it an ideal solution for use in harsh environmental conditions and production/industrial facilities.

RML Series

RML Series

The RML series of laser diode modules are available with single mode fiber outputs with a set wavelength from 405nm – 2500nm. The compact RML series is available with up to 80mW of output power in a package measuring 15mm in diameter and 40mm in length (without connector) . As an option these modules are offered with a potentiometer for power adjustment, external TTL modulation up to 1MHz and analog modulation up to 100kHz.