Fiber & DPSS Seed Lasers

Fiber & DPSS Seed Lasers Overview


Injection seeding fiber lasers is a widely used mode-selection technique that uses a seed laser to selectively reduce the laser’s gain threshold at that a specific wavelength.  This results in the laser’s output having the same spectral properties as the seed laser, therefore, improving its overall performance characteristics.    While this method can be used with both CW and pulsed fiber lasers, it is used mainly for producing narrow linewidth pulsed fiber lasers.  In this case, a single frequency fiber laser seed laser is coupled into the fiber laser optical cavity and pulsed via a gain switching electronic driver board which can be triggered and timed to coincide with the q-switched fiber laser’s pulse.  This causes the fiber laser to lock onto the seed lasers’ exact wavelength due to the reduction in the laser’s gain threshold at that specific wavelength.   On this page, you will find a list of all of the single-frequency fiber laser seed lasers we offer for injection seeding pulsed fiber lasers.

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