Bathymetry Lasers

Bathymetry Lasers Overview


Laser bathymetry takes advantage of the absorption properties of water to map the depths of large bodies of water including lakes and oceans from a passing airplane. This is achieved by shooting two different pulsed lasers whose pulses are synchronized, to the water below and using time-of-flight (TOF) laser radar to determine the total round-trip distance.   In this case, one laser is chosen in the near-infrared, where water is highly absorbent, and the other is in the visible spectrum where water is highly transparent.  The difference in TOF between the two bathymetry lasers will provide the depth of the body of water. Traditionally, 1064 nm and 532 nm are the two wavelengths used for this application, but it is important to note that most combinations of near-infrared and visible lasers will work.  On this page, you will find a list of all of the bathymetry lasers we offer.

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Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output Power (W) Mode Output Narrow Linewidth Pulse Energy (uJ) Pulse Width Rep Rate
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-473-1-10 Microchip Lasers 473 0.010 1.0 2ns 10kHz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-473-3-5 Microchip Lasers 473 0.015 3.0 2.5ns 5kHz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-473-9-0.1 Microchip Lasers 473 0.009 9.0 2.5ns 100Hz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-532-0.3-100 Microchip Lasers 532 0.030 0.300 470ps 100kHz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-532-0.3-55 Microchip Lasers 532 0.017 0.300 470ps 55kHz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-532-10-10 Microchip Lasers 532 0.100 10.0 1.3ns 10kHz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-532-15-5 Microchip Lasers 532 0.075 15.0 1.3ns 5kHz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-532-20-1 Microchip Lasers 532 0.020 20.0 1.3ns 1kHz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-532-30-0.2 Microchip Lasers 532 0.030 30.0 1.3ns 200Hz
BrightMicrolaser Microchip SB1 Laser SB1-532-40-0.01 Microchip Lasers 532 0.040 40.0 1.3ns 20Hz

Microchip Series

Microchip Series by BrightMicrolaser

The Microchip Series, available in the FP3 and P4 packages from BrightMicroLaser, are ultra-compact, passively q-switched DPSS lasers that feature pulse durations from 350 ps to 3 ns, energy levels up to 100 uJ and repetition rates up to 100 kHz. In addition to the fundamental 1064 nm wavelength and its harmonics (532, 355 and 266 nm), we also deliver units emitting at 946 and 473 nm.

Wedge Series

Wedge Laser Series by Bright Solutions

The Wedge series of DPSS Lasers have been designed for OEM applications like micro machining of hard and soft materials, specialty marking, glass and crystals engraving, LIDAR, LIBS, Spectroscopy and medical diagnostics. High peak powers, with relatively low energy and heat generation, allows efficient ablation and non-linear interaction with most materials. The compact and lightweight package represents a great benefit in LIDAR and other aerospace applications, while short pulses give extremely precise time-of-flight measurements.
Second Harmonic (532 nm output) and wavelength conversion option widen the product application range.