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1512nm Single Wavelength Laser Diode for Ammonia Detection.

Eblana offers a 1512nm single wavelength laser diode for ammonia detection in tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) systems. This laser is available as a high performance “14 pin Butterfly” component (with integrated TEC and isolator) or also at a higher level of integration with a built-in low noise current driver and a temperature controller in the form of Eblana’s “DX1-Sensing” module.

The EP1512-DM product series broadens Eblana’s existing portfolio of lasers for gas detection which already includes lasers for detecting Methane (λ=1654nm), Carbon Dioxide (λ=2004nm) and also Moisture (λ=1392 nm & 1877 nm). All of these lasers are now available in the DX1 format.

The laser is fabricated using Eblana’s Discrete Mode laser technology platform. Which also delivers DFB-like performance at a price point geared to high volume applications. Eblana’s strained quantum well InP design provides stable, high performance, single wavelength operation in addition to a wide degree of current tuning for wavelength control. See our new Lasers 101 page for in depth information on the aspects of lasers.

Key Attributes:

  • Ideally suited for NH3 detection using the 1512 nm Absorption Line
  • High spectral purity (typical SMSR 45 dB)
  • Narrow spectral linewidth (~1 MHz)
  • Exceptional device to device wavelength and performance uniformity
  • Packaged in a standard 14 Pin Butterfly with integrated TEC and Optical Isolator
  • Other center wavelengths available on request

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