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1.5um Fiber Lasers / Amplifiers for the Autonomous LIDAR Industry

RPMC Lasers, Inc. provides compact 1.5µm fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers that can be configured to meet the demands of the autonomous LIDAR market.

These robust, compact packages are primarily based upon BKtel’ s standard GFL fiber laser, GOA, and MOA fiber amplifiers.  Their ability to be tuned or customized, as well as their competitive price point and production capabilities, position them well in these high-volume markets that demand performance at a reasonable price.

GFL series

The GFL series is available with average powers up to 2W and pulse widths from 500ps to 30ns and rep rates into the MHz regime.  The GFL utilizes a compact design that will accommodate a wide range of customer requirments.

GOA amplifier series

The GOA amplifier series is available with output powers in the range of +20dBM to +32dBM, in a compact 90 x 70 x 15mm package.  The compact, MSA compliant package produces a low noise signal, and features a digital control system.

MOA series

The MOA series, offers the smallest footprint of our standard fiber amplifiers, measuring only 30 x 50 x 8mm, and is capable of +17dBM output powers.  The MOA also produces a low noise figure, with low total power consumption.


RPMC Lasers strives to provide laser diodes at an affordable price while also providing top-notch customer service. Therefore, we believe we are the best option for ALL your DPSS and Laser Diode needs!

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