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Custom Laser Solutions

Custom Laser Solutions

Through several of our principals, we offer custom designed solid state lasers for industrial, military, medical and scientific use. These range from low energy, low rep rate pulse-on-demand to 150MHz; and from CW or millisecond pulses to picosecond pulses. From 500 J per pulse to nJ per pulse!  We can give you other examples of custom lasers we have delivered. These range from 1.9ns, 10kHz, TEM00, 15W lasers to tiny eye safe lasers for military use. Our principles are willing to develop/build fiber lasers, CW lasers, OPOs for the "eye safe", seed lasers, or other mid-wave infrared (MWIR) or short-wave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths, OPAs, and we are open to pumping many peculiar host lasers.  We are willing to offer both diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers and lamp-pumped lasers. We are anxious to design and build illuminators, designators, rangefinders, scientific lasers, LIDAR/LADAR lasers, bathymetry lasers, or lasers for any other needs you have.

Most of our standard lasers can come in custom formats, with higher power or altered pulse width or repetition rate.  Many firms have wanted narrowed linewidth or even Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) output and we are happy to do that as well.   Full mil spec lasers are also an arena in which we have delivered quite a few units!  We continue to work many such custom lasers and we offer them affordably! 

Please understand that it takes time to design and build a custom laser. Suppliers sometimes ship some of the long lead parts in 2 to 3 months from when we order them. Ample schedule is appreciated.  We hope to help you with your solid state laser! 

Please email and include all known critical parameters such as wavelength, pulse energy, repetition rate, pulse width, environmental specifications as well as an idea as to what kind of footprint is required.  If possible include the idealminimum, and maximum specifications so that we can see what the design freedom is and thereby make you the most satisfying proposal.  It may be the case that we offer a standard laser which would fit these requirements.  If you are not a laser specialist, you may not know how to state some of the specs. In that case, please call us at (636) 272-7227, ext. 221 and we will help with the specs or just send an email to

We sell at the manufacturer`s standard prices!!!


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Item No.
Pulse Width
Wavelength (nm)
Output Power
Custom Ti:Sapphire laser source
Custom Laser Solutions
Bright Solutions1.5ns1064-532-355nm4W
Sub-ns DPSSL 1064nm
1064nm compact picosecond laser
Custom Laser Solutions
Bright Solutions300 to 900ps10641064nm15W
Sub-ns DPSSL 532nm
532nm compact picosecond laser
Custom Laser Solutions
Bright Solutions300 to 900ps532532nm7W
Custom Ti:Sapphire laser source
Custom Laser Solutions
Bright Solutions10ns750-870nm0.5-1W
Custom Ti:Sapphire laser source
Custom Laser Solutions
Bright Solutions8ns15341534nm.001W

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Your lasers are working very well so far. We don´t need to adjust the laser temperature any more, only the current a little bit which is easy, so we save considerable time in our QC department. We had no failure yet.

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