Solid State Lasers

Solid State Lasers

Solid State Diode pumped Lasers, Lamp pumped Lasers, Fiber lasers, and Microlasers/Microchip Lasers. These include picosecond lasers for cold machining and a wide range of nanosecond and millisecond lasers for machining, LIBs, seeding, marking, engraving, lidar, etc.

Laser Modules and Systems, DPSS & Diode

Laser Modules and Systems, DPSS & Diode

Laser Modules and Turn-key Systems in the UV, Visible, and Near Infrared. Free space and fiber coupled versions available. Diode pumped solid state (DPSS) and diode lasers.

Laser Diode in HHL package

Laser Diodes

Diode laser products, from multimode and single mode single emitters, laser diode bars and stacks, to fiber coupled and complete systems, as well as drivers, TEC Controllers, and accessories.

Solid State Lasers and Laser Diodes

Solid state lasers from RPMC Lasers

RPMC Lasers Inc (Incorporated in 1996) is not your typical distributor.  In fact, we are quite different from most distributors in several ways:

  • We only offer diode lasers, diode and lamp pumped lasers, and fiber lasers.  No systems.
  • We sell at the manufacturers standard prices.  We do not mark up.  We insist upon this by contract.
  • We try hard not to represent firms with competing products, although with permission and because of  some growth over the years we do have some overlaps.
  • Our technical sales staff are career laser professionals.  We know the products we offer.  We generally  give answers to inquiries the same day we receive them!

Our goal is to provide:

  • The best laser solutions,
  • Excellent technical support in a timely fashion,
  • At a reasonable price.

RPMC offers over 1500 different laser diodes and solid state lasers from technology leading manufacturers.

Laser Diodes :

Diode Lasers (or laser diodes) are semiconductor lasers which use electrical power as an energy source and doped p-n junctions as a gain medium. When applying a forward voltage approximately corresponding to the band gap at the p-n junction, electrons and holes are being injected above the p-n junction. The narrow zone in which this inversion is generated is called the active zone. If the forward voltage is raised above the threshold voltage and appropriate semiconductor materials are used, e.g. GaAs, the probability for a radiating recombination is high. If there is a sufficiently high concentration of injected charge carriers, this will result in an optical amplification. The crystalline end faces of the semiconductor form the mirrors of the resonator. Diode lasers exhibit a very high electro-optical efficiency of ~50 %.

 RPMC Lasers Inc. offers a wide selection of diode laser products, from multimode and single mode single emitters, laser diode bars and stacks, to fiber coupled modules. We also offer LD modules and CW lasers, and complete systems, as well as drivers, TECs, and several other diode accessories.

For our multimode products, we offer wavelengths ranging from 445nm-1850nm. These include free space, fiber coupled, multi-emitter fiber coupled, short pulsed, and stabilized devices. In single mode, we offer wavelengths ranging from 375nm-2020nm in free space and fiber coupled packages, as well as DFB & stabilized diode lasers. For our laser diode bars/stacks, we offer wavelengths ranging from 660nm-1908nm in several free space and fiber coupled options.

Our LD modules and CW lasers are available in wavelengths from 375nm-1064nm. These devices are specifically designed for biophotonics and measurement applications.

If you need a complete system, we have turn-key fiber coupled systems with wavelengths ranging from 780nm-1064nm and powers up to 4,500W! We can also supply just a driver or a temperature controller. If you need any information or would like a quote, feel free to contact us today!


Solid State Lasers :

Our flashlamp, DPSS(mostly Nd:YAG lasers but some are Nd:YVO4 or similar robust technologies), fiber lasers, and fiber amplifiers are available with energies from nJ to 300J. We offer wavelengths from 193nm to 6um, but primarily we are a 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm, 1.5um provider. CW lasers, microsecond lasers, nanosecond lasers, and picosecond lasers are available from single pulse to 100MHz. Custom DPSS lasers and diode lasers are offered.

Our laser products are used for applications in Industrial, military, scientific, and medical industries. We have applications labs available for determining the right solution... In micromachining, metrology, LIBS, PIV, surgical processes, lidar, marking, engraving, scribing, ITO ablation, drilling, cutting, welding, green pumps for ultrafast lasers, and just about any task you can think of for a laser! 


Nanosecond Lasers for Many Industries

Fulfilling a wide variety of needs and applications, the nanosecond laser provides cutting-edge technology for many industries. From scientific applications in the medical, military, aviation and other industries, nanosecond laser


Your lasers are working very well so far. We don´t need to adjust the laser temperature any more, only the current a little bit which is easy, so we save considerable time in our QC department. We had no failure yet.

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