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Areté designs, develops, tests, delivers and supports diode pumped solid-state lasers that are more efficient, compact, and reliable than legacy systems. Areté`s lasers utilize the latest technology to deliver unprecedented performance and reliability. Areté lasers are designed and proven to operate in difficult mil-spec operational environments where vibration and temperature variation are challenging. The sophisticated on-board diagnostics make Areté lasers well suited for applications in both the laboratory and field.

Areté offers fundamental Nd:YAG wavelength (1.06µm) as well as two commonly desired alternative, 532nm through second harmonic generation, and 1.57µm by utilizing an optical parametric oscillator (OPO). We have both standard designs, which are in production and a staff ready to satisfy your custom laser needs!

Applications Include:
  • Remote Sensing
  • Bathymetry
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Illumination
  • Range Finding
  • Much more!


From 1997, Beamtech has successfully installed over 3000 laser systems worldwide. Advanced VRM single mode and SGM super multimode beam quality improvement technologies made Beamtech a leader in flash lamp pumped energy lasers and diode pumped CW laser.

Specializing in solid-state laser beam quality control technology, Beamtech offers DPSS and flashlamp pumped laser systems for scientific research, OEM lasers for medical and industrial applications and custom-built laser systems tailored to customer requirements.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified


BKtel is a world leading supplier of Telecordia grade fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers.  Established in 1997, with nearly 20 years of R&D, BKtel  continues to offer "best in class", high power, single mode 1um and 1.5um fiber lasers and amplifiers.  Their series of fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers can be tailor made to a customer`s specific requirements, while still maintaining a very high level of reliability.  The team at BKtel has superior technical competence with unmatched support and response times.

Bright Solutions

Bright Solutions s.r.l. develops and manufactures innovative solid state lasers and opto-electronic systems. The company was founded in 1998 by experienced laser researchers and engineers formed at the Laser Source Laboratory (LSL), University of Pavia, Italy.

Bright Solutions features short pulsed lasers (down to 100 ps) and high rep rate (at times up to 300 kHz) with high efficiency. Most lasers are conductively / air cooled!

The Wedge, Luce, SOL and BLM families of lasers offer a wide range of solutions. Bright Solutions also is skilled at providing custom lasers.

Eblana Photonics

Eblana Photonics (Dublin, Ireland) specialize in the design and manufacture of       advanced semiconductor Discrete-Mode Laser Diodes (DFB-like)  between 689nm - 2350nm, for applications in Sensing, Metrology and Optical Communications.

 Eblana’s DM lasers possess inherently narrow linewidth relative to traditional DFBs, in addition to superior electro-optical performance with respect to output power, threshold, SMSR and tuning characteristics.

Eblana’s packaging options include: 14-Pin Butterfly, 7-Pin High Speed Butterfly, TO39 (Can w/ TEC), TO56. In addition, Eblana can integrate their lasers with all necessary Driver & TEC control electronics in their proprietary DX-1 package.


EOLITE Systems was launched in 2004 to provide new photonic solutions in instrumentation and laser systems to the scientific and industrial communities.

EOLITE Systems has built up a solid know-how in Q-switched fiber lasers and has established strong links with Bordeaux University and several high ranking European Universities. The company has developed original and patented solutions to produce short polarized laser pulses with excellent beam quality.

New technologies such as the rod type fiber were introduced to reach high average power, frequency tunable, pulsed fiber lasers. These important development lead to the innovative high powered, high beam quality IR, green and UV pulsed laser systems EOLITE offers today.

EOLITE Systems is now located in Pessac France (near Bordeaux) and develops its activity in a brand new building of 1.200 square meters with clean rooms dedicated to laser productions. This production facility is dimensioned to produce over 500 EOLITE high power fiber lasers per year.


FLIR, formerly Aerius Photonics, LLC. FLIR`s high-power VCSELs (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers) offer superior performance for illumination, pumping and industrial applications


FocusLight was initially established in 2007. Since its reorganization in 2008, Focuslight is fully committed to research, development, manufacturing and sale of high power diode lasers in a wide range of applications including industry, medical, display, illumination, entertainment and scientific research. We also serve as an ODM and/or OEM for other companies in this field.

Focuslight has a facility of 2100 square meters with offices and cleanroom for cleaning, packaging, testing and characterization, burn-in and lifetime testing, and optical assembling and integration of high power semiconductor lasers.

Focuslight has extensive engineering capabilities from thermal design, optical design, mechanical design, die bonding, FAC assembling, fiber coupling to system integration.

Focuslight has the annual production capacity up to 100,000 semiconductor lasers.

Focuslight is an ISO-9001:2008 certified company with the highest standards for quality, reliability and performance.

Focuslight has released 12 series of high-power diode lasers with more than one hundred types of products. We can provide products in different package forms, including C-mount and F-mount single emitters, CS single bars, Micro-channel water cooled (MCC) single bars, horizontal arrays, vertical stacks and fiber coupled modules. The output power ranges from several watts, tens of watts, hundreds of watts to thousands of watts.

Integrated Optics (IO)

Integrated Optics is a manufacturer of high-end compact lasers, featuring ultra-low noise, high beam quality and robust operation throughout a lifetime, usually much longer than of the competing products. Thanks to semi-automated manufacturing, Integrated Optics is able to make most compact laser sources. High level optoelectronics integration leads to significant drop in cost even for sophisticated sum-frequency generation lasers.

CW micro lasers of the MatchBox series are developed mainly for Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging applications. In addition to laser sources, SERS substrates are supplied for a number of high-sensitivity applications in molecular and medical diagnostics. SERS is used for detection and identification of extremely low concentrations. Raman spectroscopy technique is a versatile tool for process monitoring, drug analysis and explosives identification. SERS just adds sensitivity and reduces experiment requirements.


JENOPTIK develops and produces high-power diode lasers – ranging from semiconductor material, Mounted Diode Lasers and laser stacks to fiber-coupled diode laser modules. We thereby cover the entire process and technology chain for laser material processing.

Our diode lasers have been well-established as high-quality machine tools in industry, medicine and science for many years. Our diode lasers are characterized by their high efficiency and reliability. They also reach high output powers into the kilowatt range. Because of their compact and robust design, they are extremely durable, easy to integrate and can withstand even the harshest conditions. Therefore, they require minimal maintenance and no follow-up costs apply. The radiation can be coupled to light guide cables and transported.

We use semiconductors produced in-house for our diode lasers. This ensures the highest possible quality and a long service life, allowing you to achieve output powers up into the kilowatt range and save operating costs.

LaserPoint Srl

LaserPoint was founded in 1987, as a distribution Company. Over the years it has diversified its activities into other laser related areas.
 LaserPoint employs a highly-skilled staff of physicists, engineers and technicians , all with a solid experience in laser technologies and work in R&D or manufacturing in fields like plasma physics, microelectronics, telecommunication.
Laser Point’s laser measurement instruments are marketed in more than 25 Countries by a network of worldwide Distributors.
Laser Point’s original fully certified calibration facility and repair center covers all Europe, while the new open center in China supports our Asian Customers.

LDX Optronics Inc.

LDX Optronics was incorporated in 1990 by Dr Jeffrey A. Morris, its founder and president. LDX is focused on broad stripe multimode laser diodes largely in the esoteric wavelengths with an emphasis on the red and IR wavelengths. LDX offers the widest wavelength range in the industry, with wavelengths available from 622nm - 1.8um.

Many of the esoteric wavelengths are less robust than the more common 808nm laser diodes. Some of these laser diodes are much more heat sensitive. Heat management of these devices is critical for long-life. Skills from our many years of experience are employed in the packaging of these devices.

LDX packages 10`s of thousands of devices per year. Our preferred packages are the c-mount and other open heatsinks, but LDX can produce virtually all of the common single emitter laser diode packages including 9 mm can, TO-3`s, the high heat load package (HHL), various fiber coupled packages, and custom packages.

It is our desire to provide customers with performance data so that they can make informed decisions. LDX (through its sales & marketing partner, RPMC) is pleased to supply life test data on any/all of the devices produced. The lifetime of the devices can range from >10,000 hours for the more common 808, 940, 980nm devices to shorter lifetimes for some of the more esoteric wavelength diode lasers.

The LDX laboratories and offices are located in Maryville, Tennessee. The 6,250 sq. ft. facility consists of laser diode packaging labs, life test and burn-in lab, electronics lab, a small machine shop and offices. LDX is a manufacturer and most of the facility is dedicated to manufacturing.


neoLASE offers cutting-edge amplifier technologies in a rugged mechanical package along with industrial standard control electronics.  Their series of OEM type solid state optical amplifiers boost the pulse energy or average output power for a variety of applications.  The flexible system design allows a selection of different power and energy levels based on high reliable and long lifetime gain modules.  The ultra-compact and nearly monolithic modules allow easy integration and cost effective upgrading of laser application machines, scientific lasers or low power oscillators.  Starting from its conceptual design or even only from the laser idea, neoLASE provides optical simulations to prove the laser concept, experimental research to determine the laser characteristics, mechanical designs, user friendly touch screen control electronics and prototypes as well as laser amplifier manufacturing.

Optitask Ltd

Optitask Ltd specializes in eyesafe Laser Transmitters. It has been active in the hi-tech military market for more than 17 years and the engineers there are among the most experienced electro-optics specialists. These lasers are ideal for use in many medical and industrial systems as well.

Optitask has manufactured and sold thousands of high-quality products, all fully conforming to the most demanding specifications.

Oxxius SA

Oxxius  is a laser design and manufacturing house founded in 2002 to bring disruptive innovations to the market of visible lasers.
We develop advanced continuous-wave laser modules targeting numerous applications in bio-photonics, metrology, spectroscopy and other analytics and instrumentation applications, for both research and industry customers.
Oxxius is headquartered in western France and located among a major optics and photonics cluster.
Oxxius’ products leverage an innovative, patented solid-state laser architecture offering major advances in compactness, reliability and cost of ownership. In addition, this technology enables exceptional spectral and spatial beam characteristics, as well as market-leading power levels. We also offer a broad range of diode laser modules to cover all the wavelength range from UV to near-infrared.
Together with bringing outstanding products to the market, Oxxius is committed to offering a world-class level of quality, customer care and service.

Quantum Light Instruments(QLI), specializes in high energy, compact, air-cooled, pulsed DPSS lasers.  Our lasers are optimized to produce pulse energies up to 70 mJ at low pulse repetition rates. QLI offers cost effective solutions for a wide range of applications, including LIBS, PLD, MALDI and others. Our team members have more than 20 years of experience in delivering to our customers advanced solid-state laser systems and non-linear wavelength conversion devices.  QLI is a market-driven company.  We listen to what our customers are saying and do our best to deliver solutions that meet and exceed expectations.  No request is too small - we are happy to respond to all inquires and will provide our best support for your needs.


Spark Laser

Spark Lasers is a privately-held company based in a high-quality environment in the outskirts of Bordeaux, France.

Spark Lasers specializes in developing, engineering and manufacturing a new generation of high performance, compact, ultrafast picosecond & femtosecond lasers.

Spark Lasers benefits from over 15 years of cumulated expertise in photonics. The last 5 years were dedicated to industry-focused research and development carried out at Alphanov and at the Institut d’Optique Graduate School of Palaiseau, France, in the field of laser, electronics and mechanical engineering.

Spark Lasers` technology is based on a 100% made at our factory ps and fs oscillators coupled with different proven technologies, such as state-of-the art bulk and fiber-based amplifiers. Spark Lasers` products ideally answer both industrial applications such as medical and biomedical device manufacturing, semiconductors, a wide variety of very fine, accurate, micromachining processes, but also life-science ones, i.e.: fluorescence, spectroscopy and microscopy.




GOA Optical Amplifiers

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Your lasers are working very well so far. We don´t need to adjust the laser temperature any more, only the current a little bit which is easy, so we save considerable time in our QC department. We had no failure yet.

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