Nanosecond Lasers for Many Industries

Fulfilling a wide variety of needs and applications, the nanosecond laser provides cutting-edge technology for many industries. From scientific applications in the medical, military, aviation and other industries, nanosecond lasers have become very important today. Incorporating very high efficiency type pump chamber technology, this laser system offers exceptional performance in virtually any type of application. Superior beam-quality and impressive stability when it comes to a passive beam pointing functionality makes this laser a smart choice for industry. Superior Pulse Energy This type of laser platform is incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of unique situations. From remote sensing to distance measuring applications and various types of material processing, the nanosecond laser is an innovative and technologically advanced piece of equipment that is essential in industry today. Delivering superior pulse energy, this type of advanced technology with its solid-state integration helps to keep industry and businesses operating at peak performance and maximum capacity. The technology is reliable, dependable and proven in the field. Modern Laser Related Technology The medical industry including eye procedures covering a wide range of vision related problems are particularly dependent on state-of-the-art advanced laser technology. Everything from laser treatment for conditions such as macular degeneration and general procedures for improving vision are made possible today thanks to modern laser related technology. RPMC Lasers is a reliable and dependable source for laser products across the country and throughout the world. For information about a microlaser to a laser diode module, Contact RPMC Lasers today! We have the latest in innovative laser technology products and services.

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