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Diode laser products; single emitter multimode and single mode laser diodes, laser diode bars and stacks, fiber coupled options on most devices and complete systems. Widest wavelength selection available in the industry.

Diode Lasers (or laser diodes) –

are semiconductor lasers which use electrical power as an energy source and doped p-n junctions as a gain medium. When applying a forward voltage approximately corresponding to the band gap at the p-n junction, electrons and holes are being injected above the p-n junction. The narrow zone in which this inversion is generated is called the active zone. If the forward voltage is raised above the threshold voltage and appropriate semiconductor materials are used, e.g. GaAs, the probability for a radiating recombination is high. If there is a sufficiently high concentration of injected charge carriers, this will result in an optical amplification. The crystalline end faces of the semiconductor form the mirrors of the resonator. Diode lasers exhibit a very high electro-optical efficiency of ~50%.

RPMC Lasers Inc. offers a wide selection of diode laser products, from multimode and single mode single emitters, laser diode bars and stacks, to fiber coupled modules. We also offer LD modules and CW lasers, and complete systems, as well as drivers, TECs, and several other diode accessories.

For our multimode products, we offer wavelengths ranging from 445nm-1850nm. These include free space, fiber coupled, multi-emitter fiber coupled, short pulsed, and stabilized devices. In single mode, we offer wavelengths ranging from 375nm-2020nm in free space and fiber coupled packages, as well as DFB & stabilized diode lasers. For our laser diode bars/stacks, we offer wavelengths ranging from 660nm-1908nm in several free space and fiber coupled options.

Our LD modules and CW lasers are available in wavelengths from 375nm-1064nm. These devices are specifically designed for biophotonics and measurement applications.

If you need a complete system, we have turn-key fiber coupled systems with wavelengths ranging from 780nm-1064nm and powers up to 4,500W! We can also supply just a driver or a temperature controller.

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GOA Optical Amplifiers

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Your lasers are working very well so far. We don´t need to adjust the laser temperature any more, only the current a little bit which is easy, so we save considerable time in our QC department. We had no failure yet.

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